Camp Darfur i-ACT 4: Jan 19 - 28, 2008 Take Action

Change his Genocide Legacy

Despite agreeing to a United Nations/African Union joint peacekeeping mission, Sudan has continued to put obstacles on the deployment of the force. We have started a petition urging President Bush to use the last year of his presidency to push for a stronger UNAMID protection force in Darfur. Lend us your voice by signing our […]

Camp Darfur

Camp Darfur in Portland, OR

Gali Slayen from the STAND chapter from Lincoln High School, Portland OR writes to us: Camp Darfur was an incredible experience to bring to my high school. It gave over a thousand students the opportunity to learn about past genocides and the current genocide taking place in Darfur. The students were really affected by the […]

Issue 3: Nov 2007

Genocide Olympics? Tarnishing the Torch? Bringing the OLYMPIC DREAM TO DARFUR

However the spokesperson, activist or actress wants to call it, we are all asking the same thing, “China, stop funding the genocide in Darfur, Sudan. You have the economic leverage with Khartoum to end this violence tomorrow.” But why are activists pressuring China and how much leverage do they really have with the Government of […]

i-ACT i-ACT 3: July 10 - 20, 2007

i-ACT in the news

It was a busy day yesterday! Gabriel, Connie and Yuen-Lin arrived home safely in time to watch i-ACT featured on San Francisco’s local ABC news last night (video and news article), as well had their question to the candidates answered in the CNN/YouTube presidential debate! Please read article, by John Morlino: President Bush: Imagine Yourself […]

Day 6: July 15, 2007

Yuen-Lin’s Day 6 journal

There are many rituals shared, with subtle variations, by all of humanity. They cut through the man-made barriers that have arisen over time – borders, skin color, amount of wealth – and remind us that we are much more same than different. One of these rituals is school-going. In a refugee camp set in the […]

Day 7: July 16, 2007 En Español

Resumen en Espanol dia 7

Adios. Este día empezó casi igual que todos los demás. Casi no dormimos pero listos para regresar por última vez a ver a nuestros amigos. De nuevo las multitudes donde quiera, las invitaciones de pasar a sus tiendas de campaña y muchas más historias personales de las odiseas y vicisitudes que han pasado. Una mujer […]

Day 6: July 15, 2007

Connie’s Journal

Today we started very early we wanted to walk to school with the kids, so we were there by 7:30.As always we were greeted like royalty. Alhafis, he was waiting, to show me a little car he had made out of some plastic bottle and you remember the little girl who showed me her homework? […]

Day 5: July 14, 2007

Gabriel’s Day 5 Journal

We slept just a little next to nothing last night.  I feel pretty comfortable with the editing; it is even fun.  I get to see all the video taken during the day, as I download it from the video cameras, so it’s another dose of beautiful faces (and some sad stories).  But, it has not […]

Day 7: Dec 27, 2006

First Day of School

We woke up at the crack of dawn this morning to go to school. It felt just like it did as a child. I was filled with anticipation and hope and sleep as we headed to “our” first day of school. I pictured a few dedicated children gathered around a dedicated teacher in a small […]

Day 6: Dec 26, 2006

Family is Family, No Matter Where You Are

Happy Holidays Everyone, Today I sat on a aged straw mat that represents everything in the world to the people I am getting to know. It represents their history, daily activities, dignity and measure of the world’s concern for them. They are tattered and torn but the women we met offer us a seat on […]