To support and guide citizens to realize their own power to bring about large, seemingly impractical change through practical action.


Stop Genocide Now (SGN) seeks to expand and enhance the response to genocide and mass atrocities by putting faces, names and when possible voices to the numbers of dead, dying, and displaced. SGN is a volunteer-based community dedicated to sharing about the developments of genocides and mass atrocities as well as the voices of those directly affected by them.

Through education, advocacy and action SGN resolves to create a new culture of participation for people passionate about responding to genocide and mass atrocities and engaging with the communities who have been displaced by them. We acknowledge that there are many atrocities that are not on this site.



To educate the public about genocide, mass atrocities, and the displacement experience through storytelling, reporting, and information sharing.



To share the voices of those in grave danger of violence, death, and displacement resulting from genocide and mass atrocities.


To support and guide citizens to realize their own power to bring about large, seemingly impractical change through practical action.


Stop Genocide Now is a global community of dedicated individuals who came together in 2005 with a goal to transform the way the world responds to genocide. Through interactive educational exhibits, multi-media storytelling, and engaging action-oriented campaigns, SGN’s objectives were to build the political will across communities, individuals, and leaders to take action on behalf of communities affected by genocide and mass atrocities.

SGN became the birthplace for the Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization, iACT. Utilizing SGN’s community-based approach, community organizing, and storytelling activism, iACT went on to establish itself as a leading humanitarian organization that aims to inspire a more mindful humanitarian world.

Now, our volunteer-run team continues to work towards our goal of transforming the world’s response to genocide and mass atrocities through learning, connecting, and acting. We believe in the importance of enabling connection between supporters and those affected by displacement. We strive to show the world that there is no wall between “victims” and activists. We show how every person, no matter their background, can work to stop genocide. Our actions aim to break the silence surrounding the crime and pave the way for a new age that lives up to the refrain, “never again.”


100,000 Postcards to Legislators

In 2005, SGN launched 100,000 Postcards to Legislators. The postcards were available to groups looking to pressure their local elected officials into acting for Darfur. The postcards asked legislators to support the Darfur Accountability Act (H.R. 3127/S. 1462), which was signed into law by President Bush on 13 October 2006.

Darfur Summer Freedom Vigils

On July 21, 2005 Darfur Freedom Summer Vigils were held across the world, symbolizing solidarity and the worldwide demand for an end to Darfur atrocities. These vigils offered an opportunity to learn more about the situation in Darfur and to act against genocide. SGN facilitated immediate action campaigns and created information/action kits enabling people to become powerful advocates for Darfur.

100 Day Fast for Darfur

The 100 Day Fast for Darfur in 2006 and 2008 coincided with the 100 days it took
to kill 800,000 people in Rwanda while the world stood paralyzed. People from
across the nation participated in the fast, donating what they would have spent
on food in that time to the World Food Program (WFP) to support their efforts to
feed the Darfuri people who have been brutally displaced.

Global Day for Darfur/Global Day of Action for Sudan

From April 23-30, 2007 groups across the country held rallies, marches and
vigils. In Beverly Hills, SGN and other local partners held a candlelight ceremony
and Camp Darfur at La Cienga Park to call attention to the escalating violence
and the continued failure of the international community to adequately respond to
the crisis in Darfur.

Tents of Hope: Tent-to-Tent

Tents of Hope was a national community-based project that facilitated a powerful
union of artistic creativity and social concern in response to the crisis in Darfur.
SGN supported the growth of the Tents of Hope campaign in late 2007. iACT
created the “The Patchwork Tent,” with messages of peace and hope from
elementary school kids from northern California and drawings of Darfuri
children’s memories of Darfur.

I Stand With Darfur

An action campaign involving grassroots organizing nationwide. Groups signed
onto the following points, pledging action in support: 1. Genocide is not
negotiable 2. We oppose U.S. silence that aims to gain intelligence on terrorist
activities in Sudan – we refuse to trade Darfuri lives 3. We demand an immediate
deployment of an effective peacekeeping force with the mandate to protect, with
or without consent of Sudanese government.

Darfur Olympics with Mia Farrow

In August 2008, China hosted the Olympics using the slogan, One World One
Dream. Knowing that no country had done more to support the regime in
Khartoum than China, SGN and Mia Farrow produced Darfur Olympics, also
called Switch Over to Darfur, from refugee camp Oure Cassoni in eastern Chad.

Seeking Empathy: One Month Refugee Diet

In solidarity with all of the displaced from Darfur, SGN teammates Jeremiah
Forest and Eric Angel participated in a month-long fast Seeking Empathy: One
Month Refugee Diet, matching their diets to ones of refugees they visited in

Outrage at LA Federal Building

On Wednesday, March 4, 2009, the International Criminal Court issued a landmark arrest warrant for President Omar al Bashir of Sudan. Just hours later, President Bashir expelled 16 humanitarian organizations from Sudan, placing millions of Darfuri civilians at immediate risk. SGN team members set up Camp Darfur at the LA Federal Building and for seven days slept overnight and protested during the day. They were joined by hundreds of other activists. The week culminated in a rally on Tuesday, March 17 during which President Obama appointed a Special Envoy to Sudan.

Darfur Fast for Life

Mia Farrow began her 12-day hunger strike on June 17, 2009. When she spoke
of her fast, of the situation on the ground in Darfur, and of her positive vision of a
world in which all people’s human rights are respected, the movement grew.
Ultimately, over 500 people from 34 different countries participated in Darfur Fast
for Life.

World Refugee Day 2009

On June 20, 2009, iACT partnered with the United Nations Refugee Agency to
stream live, for the first time ever, from a refugee camp in eastern Chad for World
Refugee Day.

Darfur Dream Team Sister Schools Program

The Darfur Dream Team was a dynamic partnership of organizations and
professional basketball players working together on the Sister Schools Program,
an initiative linking American middle schools, high schools and universities with
schools in 12 Darfuri refugee camps in eastern Chad. Its mission was to provide
quality education to every refugee child from Darfur, and develop personal
connections between students from Darfur and the United States that promote
mutual understanding.

Sudan Sham Elections Campaign

For the 50 days leading up to the illegitimate April 2010 Sudan elections, citizens
in all 50 states across the United States participated in diverse daily actions
targeting local and national leaders. Organizers from every state created unique,
local ways for communities to take action on their designated day.


This 2010 campaign targeted the Obama administration for being AWOL on
implementing its Sudan Policy: “As the government of indicted President Omar
Al-Bashir continues its reign of terror, the U.S. administration has failed to move
on applying pressures and consequences to all that block lasting peace.”


iOnSudan connected on-the-ground reports of violence, abuses, and other
events to advocacy groups in the United States and around the world to
immediately mobilize leaders towards immediate response on behalf of innocent
civilians and to promote peace, protection, and justice in all of Sudan.