“Evil should not defeat justice. Those who believe in humanity must not stay silent.”

– Adam, Darfuri Teacher & Refugee

Stop Genocide Now (SGN) seeks to change the way the world responds to genocide by putting a face to the numbers of dead, dying, and displaced.


A successful advocate against genocide must have a concrete understanding of the crime of “genocide.”


Which areas of conflict are at risk of genocide or are currently experiencing mass attrocity?


There are actions we can take to call attention to those in danger of violence, death and displacement.


This is not history.
Genocide is HAPPENING NOW.

People of Darfur Wondering if the Genocide Will Ever End

People of Darfur Wondering if the Genocide Will Ever End

What began as a violent altercation between two men in a displaced persons camp in El Geneina, the capital city of Western Darfur, quickly spiraled out of control over the weekend of January 15-17. According to current reports, the violence spread to...

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A Step Toward Justice in Darfur

A Step Toward Justice in Darfur

For most victims of atrocities, justice feels completely out of reach. Many will never get the opportunity to see their oppressors punished for their crimes. But the Darfuri community is taking hopeful steps toward justice this week. On May 24, 2021, the International...

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