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A Step Toward Justice in Darfur

For most victims of atrocities, justice feels completely out of reach. Many will never get the opportunity to see their oppressors punished for their crimes. But the Darfuri community is taking hopeful steps toward justice this week.

On May 24, 2021, the International Criminal Court (ICC) held a pre-trial hearing to allow the prosecution to present evidence compiled against Ali Mohammed Ali Abdul Rahman Ali. Known by many as Ali Kushayb, the defendant is an alleged perpetrator and leader of the Janjaweed militia, notorious for committing atrocities, including massacres, torture and rape in the Darfur conflict which has been ongoing since 2003. This is the first instance that a suspect charged with involvement in the crimes committed by the Janjaweed militia has gone before the global court to have evidence presented against him.

Monday’s hearing is one small step toward obtaining justice for Darfuri refugees who continue to flee to refugee camps amidst continued violence in West Darfur.


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