The government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is carrying out a campaign of cultural genocide against the Tibetan people in an effort to eradicate Tibetan culture. The government of the PRC has forcefully moved Han Chinese into the Tibet region, deported thousands of ethnic Tibetans, and violently suppressed Tibetan culture and nationalism since the Tibetan Uprising in 1959. These actions have been directed at subverting Tibetan culture with the ultimate goal of fully assimilating Tibet into China. Many Tibetans have been forcefully deported to other regions in China while some have been forced into exile to other countries. In addition, many Tibetan nationalists have been imprisoned, tortured, and executed.

Central African Republic

A civil war, fought between Muslim rebel groups and a Christian-dominated government, has led to sectarian violence across the country. Christian militia have been targeting and killing Muslim civilians while Muslim rebel groups have been attacking Christian civilians in retaliation. There have been reports of massacres, mass rape, torture, and even forced cannibalism against the civilian populations.


The Sudanese government, along with Arab militia known as Janjaweed, are attempting to exterminate and/or drive out the indigenous population of Darfur with a campaign of murder and terror. Since 2003, almost half a million civilians have died as a result of violence, starvation, and disease while nearly three million people have been driven from their homes and forced into refugee camps in neighboring countries or Internally Displaced Person camps (IDP) within Sudan. Janjaweed militia have also been accused of widespread rape throughout the region, with estimates being well above 10,000 cases.

South Sudan

Ongoing tribal violence in South Sudan has erupted into mass killings between various ethnic groups. Soldiers and government officials belonging to the Dinka tribe have been forcing members of the Nuer tribe out of positions of power and targeting Nuer civilians throughout South Sudan. There have been additional reports of Dinka soldiers going door-to-door and killing civilians identifying as Nuer. Nuer militiamen are also continuing this cycle of sectarian violence by targeting and killing members of the Dinka tribe as well as of the Murle tribe.


Both the Syrian Government and elements of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant have been targeting and killing civilians based on either ethnic background, religious identification, or political designation. The Syrian government has imprisoned and killed over 11,000 political opponents over the course of the civil war and has used barrel bombs and cluster munitions to attack civilians in a direct attempt to decimate civilian population centers. At least 17 confirmed incidents of mass killings have been carried out by government forces and pro-government militia since the beginning of the conflict.

Tibet (Autonomous Region of China)

The Burmese government, along with radical Burmese Buddhists, are attempting to exterminate the Rohingya people through direct violence and denial of rights. Since 1982, the Rohingya people have been denied citizenship and basic human rights both inside their native Burma and in refugee camps throughout Southeast Asia. They are not allowed to travel without official permission, subjected to routine forced labor, and have been resettled on unfarmable land while their previous lands have been confiscated and given to Buddhist settlers from elsewhere in Burma. In addition, almost 140,000 Rohingya have been illegally put in internment camps throughout the country. Violence and oppression in Burma have forced many Rohingya to flee to neighboring Thailand and Bangladesh, where they live in abject poverty and where many die each year from disease and starvation.