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3 More Actions You Can Take For Sudan

In June, we published a blog with three actions you could take to help the people of Sudan. In case you missed it, here is a link to the original post. We promised a follow up with new actions, so here are a few more ways you can help. 

First, an Update on the Conflict:

As battles intensify across Sudan, violence in Darfur has been particularly horrific. The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and allied militias are targeting non-Arab communities, political leaders, and human rights defenders. The US Holocaust Memorial Museum has said the fact that, “Darfuris again are at risk of genocide, and that today’s perpetrators have ties to the same actors who perpetrated the first genocide, is an indictment of the collective failure to advance accountability and prevent mass atrocities.”

As of August 1, 2023:

  • 3,020,517 people have been internally displaced.
  • More than 926,841 people have fled to neighboring countries, including 377,404 people into eastern Chad.
  • Violence against women, including rape and sexual assault is again being used as a weapon of war.
  • More than 20 million people in Sudan are facing food insecurity and the potential for famine.
  • There have been direct attacks on healthcare facilities and attempts to deliver aid.
  • Sudanese fleeing to other countries are facing challenges, including in Egypt where the government requires them to first apply for visas before entering, violating international and regional legal frameworks.


Here are three ways every one of us can help our friends in Sudan:


Do your friends and family know what is happening in Sudan? Make sure they do! Share articles and social posts with your community to keep them informed. 

Here are a few to start with:



Contact your member of Congress. Let them know how important the people of Sudan are to you.  

  • The Policy Asks:
  • The Funding Ask:
    • Ask your member of Congress to fund humanitarian aid for Sudan and the region as nearly 1 million refugees have already fled the conflict. 
    • Tell them aid should be flexible to allow for localization as much as possible. 
    • Also that aid should be local and refugee-led organizations are best placed to deliver effective humanitarian aid.
    • Congress should find ways to support this lifesaving work.


3. SIGN 

Add your name to this important petition:


We will again update this post as more opportunities for action arise. Check back for further details about how you can help the people of Sudan.