For My Children

I’ve been resisting writing this blog. I’ve started it a few times, but each time my hands touch the keyboard, I

A Film Staring 11,000 People

That’s a dubious new record for a conflict that’s claimed nearly 40,000 lives and displaced some 4 million people. The numbers are staggering to comprehend.  Imagine watching a film with 11,000 different shots of people taking that last step out of Syria into the unknown.

Seeds of Action

It has been amazing to be here to watch things fall into place. While here, I have paused as I am

The Search for a Donkey

The team searched for a suitable donkey for the Human Rights Mobile Library. Donkeys are the main means of transportation for

A Familiar Face

Gabriel and the team visit Guisma’s family in camp Djabal. She has grown a lot since Gabriel first met her but

Truth Be Damned

It must be safe. A few thousand refugees from the border area with Chad are returning to Darfur. The numbers seem