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CAR’s refugees – between a rock and a hard place

Years of conflict in the Central African Republic has generated roughly half a million refugees. With over 100 residents of the nation’s capital, Bangui, killed between last September and November this past year, the violence is likely to continue and to generate further waves of citizens see king refuge. Cameroon has become the preferred destination […]

Day 0: Preparations


N’Djamena (NDJ), Chad is an interesting city, which has changed quite drastically over the last year. Many more streets are paved, and we could see many more lights when we arrived last night. New statues and plazas adorn the capital. Today, fighting jetlag, we headed out early to visit the offices of UNHCR and the […]

Day 7: Aug 7, 2008

A Decision

We visited Amira again today, a woman we met on our second day in the camps. But this time we were able to sit down with her for more than hour and really hear her story. She told two stories of young girls and violence against them during attacks in Darfur. The one I will […]

Reports from Abeche

And now the Rain.

It’s a quiet early morning in N’Djamena. It’s not the eerie, bad, thick quiet that we could almost feel in February. There are fishermen out in the river, moving oh so slowly. The moon, looking full, is hanging low over on the Cameroon side. We made it to the capital, leaving the east and all […]

Day 2: June 11, 2008

Letting Go, Looking Forward

Today is a hard day for me. We spent most of the day in the lobby of Le Meridien; waiting for our fixer, waiting for permits, waiting for the video to upload, lots of waiting. As a result, my jet lag has h it me harder than I have ever felt before. Usually there is […]

Reports from N'djamena

From KTJ

That stray shelling was a little close for comfort. The hotel, and my heart, shook for a moment, the longest moment I have felt in a while. We hold up on the first floor of the Le Meridien waiting to hear word from the French military or the US Embassy who is closer to the […]

Before i-ACT

Sunrise on the River Cheri

Feeling the gentle light of the early morning dawn, I lie still in that half way place between dream and wake as I vaguely remember dreaming all night that someone must have a pet monkey in the next room. Then as I slowly gain consciousness, I hear clicking noises out the window and realize the […]