i-ACT 10: March 2011

First Steps

Busy N’Djamena day for the team. Busy and good. The streets of this capital city look so different from earlier trips. On my first trip in 2005, NDJ had somewhat of a feeling of the wild wild west, African style. Very few streets were paved, and you saw armed men everywhere. It was also dark […]

Day 0: Preparations


N’Djamena (NDJ), Chad is an interesting city, which has changed quite drastically over the last year. Many more streets are paved, and we could see many more lights when we arrived last night. New statues and plazas adorn the capital. Today, fighting jetlag, we headed out early to visit the offices of UNHCR and the […]

Day 2: March 25

Sand over NDJ

G’s Journal–Day 2 – 24 March 2009 – N’Djamena We woke up to find the city enveloped by a strange fog. NDJ already has an eerie feeling to it, and the fog just adds some mystery and unease to the experience. It’s not the kind of fog we get in Redondo Beach coming from the […]