Day 8: June 22, 2009

The Humanitarians

We have all been quite active here in Goz Beida, Chad the last few days.  Anyone following the website is well aware of the World Refugee Day activities, and if you saw any of the videos, then you might have an idea of the extensive preparations that went into them as well.  This has been […]

Day 2: March 25

Sand over NDJ

G’s Journal–Day 2 – 24 March 2009 – N’Djamena We woke up to find the city enveloped by a strange fog. NDJ already has an eerie feeling to it, and the fog just adds some mystery and unease to the experience. It’s not the kind of fog we get in Redondo Beach coming from the […]

Day 0: Preparations

Raindrops Fallin’ From Above

Golf balls, tennis balls, bouncy balls from the 25 cent machines, large balls tumble from far above, one after another against the tin roof. More, quicker, louder, closer. I’ve fallen asleep at the UNHCR guesthouse in Abeche and awaken to our first encounter with an amount and a harshness of water that will fill one […]

Day 5: July 14, 2007

Yuen-Lin’s Day 5 journal

Today was a dream i-ACT day: we captured almost four great stories in a matter of hours, and in the end had to decide which to use! It was also a special day for me as a tech guy. Right after recording our Ask the Candidate question, we walked to Hamara’s tent to show her […]

Day 10: Dec 20, 2006

New Life (Day 10 from Stacey)

Greetings From” Camp # 4″, Today we went to another new camp. The energy there was one filled with community and neighborhood. We both said, ” Let’s just walk down this path and see where the day takes us.” Sometimes we’ll look for women to speak with or families or search for a school but […]

Day 15: Dec 4, 2005

I-ACT: Day Fifteen

Immediate danger Heavily armed men ride in during the middle of the night and take whatever they want. During the day, men are abducted and tortured, women beaten and raped…and these are the survivors. There are killings also. It sounds like reports we are hearing from the interior of Darfur, with its ever deteriorating security […]

Day 13: Dec 2, 2005

i-ACT: Day Thirteen

Family Pictures 10:35 pm I was just looking at some of the pictures I’ve taken, the families, the children, and the recipients of the Peace Tiles. They really do look like our children; they look like family. But, what have those eyes seen and what have those hearts felt? Way up north…Bahai 5:02 pm Today […]

Day 8: Nov 28, 2005

i-ACT: Day Eight

A boy called Muhammad 6:36 pm It was just by chance that we met Muhammad. We were at the top of a hill where a water tank is, so we could get a panoramic view of the camp. You can see that on the Day 8 video. After that, we were going “home,” since Ali, […]

Day 3: Nov 23, 2005

More on Abeche

Tomorrow, we will show you life in Abeche. This city has grown tremendously due to the influx of NGO’s coming to work with the Darfur refugees. The hope of employment here brings people from all over Chad to this town in the sand. Among these job seekers, we found Akaye, our translator. He will travel […]