Day 0: Preparations


N’Djamena (NDJ), Chad is an interesting city, which has changed quite drastically over the last year. Many more streets are paved, and we could see many more lights when we arrived last night. New statues and plazas adorn the capital.


Today, fighting jetlag, we headed out early to visit the offices of UNHCR and the new Snr. External Relations Officer, Delphine. It is great to hear that NDJ has been relatively calm, given some of the turmoil its residents have seen in recent years.


We also met up with our old friend, Victorien. Victorien used to be based in Abeche. He is helping us with our permits, which is never an easy process.


At our hotel, we have a beautiful view of the river Chari and of Cameroon on the other side. There is also always four legged friends on the grounds, including lizards and huge turtles.


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Salaam alaikum! It’s a relief to know you made it safely to Chad to find N’Djamena much more peaceful than on a prior visit! I hope Victorien will ease the processing of your permits to allow you a prompt departure to the camps. It will be a joyful, yet bittersweet, reunion with friends from past visits, but the progress with the Sister Schools Program must continue to build hope and brighter futures for all who’ve been displaced for so many years. We’ll be praying for continued safe travel and successful interactions in the area.


San Antonio, TX

Thank you Lisa! Victorien was great, as speedy as possible and it was a great surprise to be able to fly straight on to Goz Beida with only an hour or so wait. We have reconnected with our friends and making progress with Sister Schools!
Say hi to all the Darfuris in San Antonio!
Peace, ktj

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