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Throwback Thursday: Mia Farrow and the Darfur Olympics

In the Summer of 2008, we accompanied Mia Farrow to Darfuri refugee camps on the Chad-Sudan border. As the Beijing Olympics were about to start, we looked to bring attention to the ongoing violence in Darfur and the positive role China could have in stopping it—but we also wanted to show the beauty of the […]

Day 8: Aug 8, 2008

Justice in order for Peace

  This poem combines many statements from conversations over the last several days, most all of these conversations ended with the people’s joy and hope that peace will come once al-Bashir pays for his crimes. At one point, at the women’s center, the room erupted with cheers when one woman spoke of prosecuting al-Bashir, and […]

Day 4: Aug 4, 2008

Action: Write to the media

Write to your local paper or media outlet about the upcoming Olympics, and how their motto, “One World, One Dream” is far away from the millions of Darfuri’s in grave danger everyday. Check out an example of a recent article by American Jewish World Service Rabbi Lee Bycel. Tell the stories of the Darfuri’s you […]

Darfur Athlete Profiles Day 3: Aug 3, 2008

Darfur Olympic Venues

Download this profile to print For five years children have attended school in tarped, stick structures. They have spent their morning break on this basketball court, and soccer field, playing with anything they can find including plastic bags filled with sand, old soda cans, and metal wheel frames. Their swing sets have no swings, only […]

Day 2: Aug 2, 2008

Action: Stop the funds

Just beyond the borders of the camp where team members KTJ and Gabriel are visiting friends, lies ashes of livelihoods. As one refugee said, only the name remains of her village. This genocide is expensive, and oil and weapons are profitable. Action 1 Sudan has many investors besides China that are interested in making a […]

Day 1: Aug 1, 2008

Action: Help spread the word and start participating!

Tell Five Friends about i-ACT: Send them to visit our website, or download and distribute this flyer. If you have a website, please consider adding a badge to our website! Join the Discussion to Stop Genocide Now at our new Forum! Click here to create an account and join the discussions. NBC is about to […]

Actions Day 4: June 13, 2008


This Friday, join the San Francisco Bay Area Darfur Coalition begin your weekly commitment to Darfur Fridays and Keep International Focus on Darfur. This month use your weekly actions to ask President Bush to reconsider his plan to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games because of China’s relationship to Sudan. Click on […]

Issue 3: Nov 2007

Genocide Olympics? Tarnishing the Torch? Bringing the OLYMPIC DREAM TO DARFUR

However the spokesperson, activist or actress wants to call it, we are all asking the same thing, “China, stop funding the genocide in Darfur, Sudan. You have the economic leverage with Khartoum to end this violence tomorrow.” But why are activists pressuring China and how much leverage do they really have with the Government of […]

Issue 1: Sept 2007

About News Coverage

Although there has been a lot more Darfur news coverage, you still have to make an effort and look for it. The mainstream media outlets barely mention it. One happening they did cover, though, was the United Nations resolution to send in 26,000 troops in to the region. The meaning of that was not really […]

Issue 1: Sept 2007

Dream for Darfur

KTJ and I took Camp Darfur out to New York City for the first official Dream for Darfur U.S. Olympic Torch Relay event. China has great influence over the Government of Sudan, and this campaign’s purpose is to remind the Chinese government of its responsibility as a leader in the world to protect human rights […]