Dream for Darfur

KTJ and I took Camp Darfur out to New York City for the first official Dream for Darfur U.S. Olympic Torch Relay event. China has great influence over the Government of Sudan, and this campaign’s purpose is to remind the Chinese government of its responsibility as a leader in the world to protect human rights and put lives before economic considerations. Besides putting pressure on China, do not let our own US leaders off the hook. Genocide is happening on their watch. It is happening on OUR watch. Call 1-800-GENOCIDE and tell your elected officials to do what it takes to bring protection to the people of Darfur. On the second half of this video, you will see the faces of the very real people that are still in great danger. Please let us know any ideas on how we can do more and make a difference now. Peace! –Gabriel

Gabriel co-founded Stop Genocide Now in 2005, which gave birth to i-ACT in 2009.

He became involved in the situation in Darfur out of a sense of personal responsibility. He believes the power of community and compassion, combined with personal empowerment, can bring about meaningful change.




2 Responses to “Dream for Darfur”
  1. Mimi Schiff says:

    I will continue to sign petitions, e-mail information and news to others, Carry the Torch in LA in November, and be the voice for all Darfuris. As I sit and look at all that I am capable of having, safety for myself and my family, food, shelter, peace it becomes more of my responsibility to make a difference for Darfur and the faces I see in the video. We are all brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers, family.

  2. gabriel says:

    Thanks, Mimi. We have always been able to count on you. You are so right. We have so much we take for granted. We are so lucky, and it is really easy to share some of our blessings withs others that share no fault in what is happening to them. They were unlucky to be born where they are and to be who they are. Thanks for doing what you do.

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