Day 8: Aug 8, 2008

Justice in order for Peace

yellow org scarf.JPG  This poem combines many statements from conversations over the last several days, most all of these conversations ended with the people’s joy and hope that peace will come once al-Bashir pays for his crimes. At one point, at the women’s center, the room erupted with cheers when one woman spoke of prosecuting al-Bashir, and 52 men in his regime.

We need to listen to their voice. Not those of experts that tell us that indicting al-Bashir might disrupt the (non-existent) peace process. With Bashir in office, there will be no peace and no return home for our friends.

in a village of 100
no more men

five years pass
attack upon attack
bombs continue
we can not escape

china russia
they care about oil
we care about people

justice is near
may be closer

cheering we gather
in the still of darkness
create an uproar
shouts and laughter

bbc news gives us hope
Ocampo a hero

no peace with Bashir
justice is above us
justice in order for peace

why give Bashir 12 months
in 5 years
no peace felt here

the key to war
take away the key
the house is open for peace

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