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Throwback Thursday: Mia Farrow and the Darfur Olympics

In the Summer of 2008, we accompanied Mia Farrow to Darfuri refugee camps on the Chad-Sudan border. As the Beijing Olympics were about to start, we looked to bring attention to the ongoing violence in Darfur and the positive role China could have in stopping it—but we also wanted to show the beauty of the […]

Day 4: March 26


Today I met Mia Farrow — not the actress, the refugee Mia Farrow. She can’t be more than four years old. Her older sister, another beautiful girl just as Mia, is Susan — yes, like Susan Rice. They are both daughters of one of the camp’s Umbdas, or camp leaders. Umbda has seven children, and […]

Issue 10: May 2009

Darfur Fast for Life: Excerpts

Below are a few excerpts from participants of Darfur Fast for Life. Please consider joining the hundreds of fasters around the world this Mother’s Day, May 10th to honor the survivors of Darfur. Mia Farrow on Day 5: I awakened from a light sleep feeling somewhat faint but I drank water and am better now. […]

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L’équipe de i-ACT visite le camp de Oure Cassoni en compagnie de Mia Farrow

La journée a commencé à la périphérie du camp dans la zone C où de nombreuses habitations ont été avalées par le sable. Traditionnellement, les populations du Nord du tchad construisent des maisons en pisé, et de ce fait, lorsqu’ils sont arrivés ici, et comme il n’y avait pas assez de tentes et de bâches, […]

Day 6: Aug 6, 2008

i-ACT team and Mia Farrow explore Camp Oure Cassoni together

The day began on the edges of the camp in Zone C where many homes have been swallowed by the sand. Traditionally, the people of Northern Darfur have built mud homes, so upon moving here and because there are not enough tents and sheeting, the refugees here began using the sand, and water left over […]