Day 4: Aug 4, 2008

Action: Write to the media

close race .JPG Write to your local paper or media outlet about the upcoming Olympics, and how their motto, “One World, One Dream” is far away from the millions of Darfuri’s in grave danger everyday. Check out an example of a recent article by American Jewish World Service Rabbi Lee Bycel. Tell the stories of the Darfuri’s you have met. Use facts from Dream for Darfur and Eric Reeves about China and Sudan’s relationship. And finally, make it personal — your voice is their voice.

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there where 52,000 hits on Gillian Anderson of the x-files, what do you think would improve the DURFUR GENOCIDE video, do you think we should promote to re-energise brains, that people will eventualy awaken, or is it to late for the human being, are we fading to obscurity while the land isbeing purged of its purity.

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