Day 8: March 31

Burnt Memories, Family and Path of Dedicated Action

We enter Obama School for Co-education Basic just before classes begin. There is a nice breeze in the mornings, but not quite strong enough to naturally fend off the flies. Young children are filing blue buckets of water and taking them to classrooms. It takes two boys to carry one, but only one girl to […]

Take Action

Want to do more? Mail, Write Letters, Contact Media:

Print Open Letter to Senators McCain and Obama! It is important that we not only sent emails to the candidates but that we try to reach them in more ways then one. Please print the full letter signed up dozens of groups and mail to: Barack Obama Attn: Foreign Policy PO Box 8102 Chicago IL […]

Day 5: Aug 5, 2008

Action: Send our Athlete Profiles to your leaders

Print postcards with drawings of Darfuri children (or use the originals here) and Darfur athlete profiles (pdf version) and send to your representative with a hand written note. Hand written letters are more likely to reach their desk. Ask them to ensure that Darfur receives the funding allocated by the US Congress and President Bush. […]

Day 2: Aug 2, 2008

Action: Stop the funds

Just beyond the borders of the camp where team members KTJ and Gabriel are visiting friends, lies ashes of livelihoods. As one refugee said, only the name remains of her village. This genocide is expensive, and oil and weapons are profitable. Action 1 Sudan has many investors besides China that are interested in making a […]

Issue 5: March 2008

Low numbers, high numbers, still inaction.

On a very recent article by CNN, president of Sudan al-Bashir is quoted as saying that less than 10,000 people have died and less than 500,000 have been displaced by the five-year crisis in the region of Darfur. Reading this, it makes me want to burst out laughing, but what stops me is knowing that, […]

Day 12: Jan 30, 2008

Today’s action

As we conclude this trip, we must continue to act with greater force to help bring an end to what is known to be one of the worst crises in our global community today – genocide. Our work has not ended; please continue to be an i-ACTivist. We CAN change the world, “ with our […]

Before i-ACT

One more Comment by G.

If have not done it yet, please sign the petition that asks President Bush to do more for Darfur.  This is not about politics. It’s about humanity. Presidents representing both the red and the blue (and everything in between) have failed when confronted with genocide and mass atrocities. President Bush still has a chance to change […]

Before i-ACT

Hanging in the Capital, ready to move on.

N’Djamena It was so nice to see Ann at UNHCR in N’Djamena again. She is just getting back from leave and told us how “Chad is home,” and she likes coming home. Talking with Ann, you can feel her passion and immediately know that her job is not just a job for her. She has […]

Camp Darfur i-ACT 4: Jan 19 - 28, 2008 Take Action

Change his Genocide Legacy

Despite agreeing to a United Nations/African Union joint peacekeeping mission, Sudan has continued to put obstacles on the deployment of the force. We have started a petition urging President Bush to use the last year of his presidency to push for a stronger UNAMID protection force in Darfur. Lend us your voice by signing our […]

Replies to comments

Answering comments from Jan 11-13th

Dear Isaac, Larry, Nancy, Monica, Ali, and the Crossler Peer Helpers! Thank you for your support and encouragement as i-ACT begins once again; and from all corners of the world: Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Ghana. As I said in my journal entry from today, this experience is your experience. Ali, thank you so much for […]