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Want to do more? Mail, Write Letters, Contact Media:

Print Open Letter to Senators McCain and Obama!

It is important that we not only sent emails to the candidates but that we try to reach them in more ways then one.

Please print the full letter signed up dozens of groups and mail to:

Barack Obama
Attn: Foreign Policy
PO Box 8102
Chicago IL 60680

John McCain
Attn: Foreign Policy
PO Box 16118
Arlington VA 22215

Print and Send this Press Release to your local media outlet – or combine with a Letter to the Editor (see below)

Write a personal letter to President Bush or your local media outlet!

Personal letters are more likely to be paid attention to and read by our leaders. If you have the time, we encourage you to write a personal letter to President Bush. Also, media usually cover stories they know their audience wants to hear, so tell them and write a Letter to the Editor! Below are some points for you to use. You can also take the action immediately!

Mailing Address:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

MAIN POINTS FOR LETTERS to Leaders or media outlets

  • The U.S. should veto a UN Security Council resolution to suspend the International Criminal Court (ICC) case on Darfur for one year. President Bush should make a public statement urging other UNSC members to veto such a resolution.
  • The UN Security Council referred the case on Darfur to the ICC in 2005, and it should allow the case to go forward independently. The ICC must remain free of political interference to maintain its judicial independence.
  • Justice is an essential requirement for an enduring peace in Darfur. Those who commit genocide cannot be trusted to create justice. The Darfuri people demand peace with justice.
  • Granting impunity to President Bashir and others in the Sudanese government that are responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Darfur is a dangerous precedent that could encourage other governments to commit genocide in the future.
  • Pres. Bashir is intent on completing his genocidal policies in Darfur by attacking refugee camps such as Kalma in south Sudan. The UN must intervene immediately.
  • Pres. Bush should call on world leaders attending the opening of the UN General Assembly in September to fulfill their responsibility to protect civilians in Darfur. The UN should fully deploy and equip the UNAMID peacekeeping force of 26,000 personnel as mandated by UN resolution 1769.

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