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ACTION: The Kalma Massacre

Don’t allow the United Nations to interfere with justice in Darfur!

On July 14, the International Criminal Court (ICC) received a request from Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo to indict Sudanese President Omar Hassan al Bashir on charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. Immediately, the Sudanese government began pressuring the UN Security Council to stop the prosecution of Bashir. The Sudanese government promises to bring peace to Darfur if the ICC case is suspended for a year. This is a lie. The United Nations has allowed Bashir to commit genocide in Darfur for five years while he pretended to support a peace process. Now, the Security Council is considering interfering with the ICC and betraying millions of Darfuris who have suffered and died under the Bashir regime. The UN should listen to the Darfuri people’s cry for peace with justice instead of Bashir’s demand for impunity for the crime of genocide.

Click here to send a personal letter to President Bush, urging him to stop the Security Council from interfering with the ICC.

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From a Doctor who treated recent victims of the Kalma (internally displaced person’s) Camp in Darfur:

Dear all,

Very disturbed by the information that all super-powers are supporting the GOS to delay al-bashier indictment for one year without showing any positive response to solve Darfur problem. We the Darfurians will prefer to die with dignity instead of indecent peace.

We have now reached to the verge of reality that almost all are looking for their own interests before the nice words of rule of law, human rights, preservation, equality. We do not have any faith in any except in God and ourselves. We know we are going to face difficult times but we will continue our struggle till we get our rights .

Very sorry to put these rude words to those I trust most. But after meeting with most senior UNAMID Personnel’s, Dejibreel Bassole, ans the head of civil affairs of UNAMID this week and after thorough reading to most of inter net news this week, We reached to this conclusions. Believe me there are others who are absolutely frustrated in our civil society forum. There is continuous killing and looting, rape to innocent civilians and whole world is trying only to avert the indictment to Sudan criminals. It is difficult to understand the marching of United States, England, France, the whole Arab world and most o f the Africans to Khartoum seeking for its friendship while the victims of these butchers are dying due to international humiliations.

I very surely remember my last words in my speech during the award ceremony please not let down my people!!! Unfortunately this seems to be their fate.

I will stick more and more to my people. There are other means to reach our goal.

Thank GOD to our fighters who are still able to abort hostilities to our poor betrayed civilians. The struggle will continue, will continue ….

GOD bless all!

Mohamed Ahmed.

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