Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain’s message to the refugees

Earlier in 2006, we spoke to several Congressmen as part of our From America with Love project. Two of them happen to be candidates in the upcoming elections for the Presidency, Barack Obama and John McCain!

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I hope darfur genocide will be solve soon when Barrack Obama be usa president with primier minister John Maccain.

Secondly the chadians gouvernment when he leave the power who stay by embezzelment so lets solve this danger who is going to attack my country Chad now with war.

Barack Hussein Obama Ignores Genocide

Barack Hussein Obama said he would never have gone to war in Iraq. Then, in the 2nd Presidential Debate, Obama said the USA should always use our military to prevent genocide. That is a huge contradiction because before the International Coalition deposed Saddam Hussein, Saddam was conducting two genocides in Iraq:
1) Genocide against the Kurds in the North, where Saddam was killing 2,000 Kurds a day, and
2) Genocide against the Shiite’s in the Southern marshes, where Saddam was draining the marshes, causing huge environmental damage, and using helicopters to machine gun the exposed villages.
(Fact Check: facts obtained from “The War Crimes of Saddam Hussein” By Tom Head,

We must remember that a free Iraq, convicted Saddam Hussein of the Genocide of 50,000 Iraquis. That is why he was found guilty of genocide in his trial and put to death.

Before the International Coalition invaded and deposed Saddam Hussein, the USA was in an continuous hot war with Saddam to stop his genocides. That is why the USA maintained two No-Fly Zones in Iraq, one in the North and one in the South. It was a hot war, because Saddam Hussein’s military was shooting Russian missles at our war planes every few days. If one of those missles ever killed a USA plane and pilot, then the big war would have been started before the United Nations issued its mandate to depose Saddam Hussein.

So Barack Hussein Obama lies about his own positions, statements, and beliefs, by changing them to fit whatever position that Obama thinks will give him a momentary advantage. More importantly, Barack Hussein Obama does not know that genocide by his namesake was a major cause of the 2nd Iraq war. Obama really is dangerously inexperienced and ignorant of facts and history.

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