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ACTION: Tell Presidential Candidates to Support ICC

On September 10th the government of Sudan launched new attacks on ZamZam Camp for internally displaced persons. Many of those who were injured and killed were already forced to flee their homes one, two or three times. This attack comes a week after an attack on Kalma Camp by government troops. This violence is unacceptable. Our leadership has not done enough to end this violence. We need to build the political will to move our leaders to action.

When we speak to refugees in the camps, they tell us that peace will not come before justice.

The candidates have spoken out on Darfur, but they have yet to stand behind the ICC case against Sudan’s Presidnet al-Bashir. This case will begin the process of justice and reconciliation for Darfuris who have suffered, and continue to suffer every day. The Kalma Massacre, recent attcks on ZamZam Camp, and al-Bashir’s threats against humanitarian aid workers are war crimes. We cannot allow his threats and military action in Darfur to continue as we stand by. Violence has led to yet another NGO pull out leaving 1/2 million people without aid and another attack on World Food Program envoy may push them to also pull out, leaving millions without assistance. The next President must be prepared to uphold justice and bring peace to the region today not tomorrow. The first step is for both Obama and McCain to support the ICC case.

Send Presidential candidates McCain and Obama messages asking them to support ICC case by CLICKING HERE

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We must hold accountable those responsible for the genocide in Darfur. Please speak out loudly and support the ICC for their work in stopping one more child from being slaughtered, one more teenager from being raped, one more woman from being tortured, one more man from being slaughtered. When Humanitarian Aid workers are being threatened, we must act! There can be no peace without justice. Please make this a part of your Presidential Campaign NOW!!!

From a Doctor who treated recent victims of the Kalma (internally displaced person’s) Camp in Darfur:

Dear all,

Very disturbed by the information that all super-powers are supporting the GOS to delay al-bashier indictment for one year without showing any positive response to solve Darfur problem. We the Darfurians will prefer to die with dignity instead of indecent peace.

We have now reached to the verge of reality that almost all are looking for their own interests before the nice words of rule of law, human rights, preservation, equality. We do not have any faith in any except in God and ourselves. We know we are going to face difficult times but we will continue our struggle till we get our rights .

Very sorry to put these rude words to those I trust most. But after meeting with most senior UNAMID Personnel’s, Dejibreel Bassole, ans the head of civil affairs of UNAMID this week and after thorough reading to most of inter net news this week, We reached to this conclusions. Believe me there are others who are absolutely frustrated in our civil society forum. There is continuous killing and looting, rape to innocent civilians and whole world is trying only to avert the indictment to Sudan criminals. It is difficult to understand the marching of United States, England, France, the whole Arab world and most o f the Africans to Khartoum seeking for its friendship while the victims of these butchers are dying due to international humiliations.

I very surely remember my last words in my speech during the award ceremony please not let down my people!!! Unfortunately this seems to be their fate.

I will stick more and more to my people. There are other means to reach our goal.

Thank GOD to our fighters who are still able to abort hostilities to our poor betrayed civilians. The struggle will continue, will continue ….

GOD bless all!

Mohamed Ahmed.

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