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Change his Genocide Legacy

Despite agreeing to a United Nations/African Union joint peacekeeping mission, Sudan has continued to put obstacles on the deployment of the force. We have started a petition urging President Bush to use the last year of his presidency to push for a stronger UNAMID protection force in Darfur. Lend us your voice by signing our petition!

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Hi, Gabe and other friends
We just had an amnesty international meeting for MLK day when we went on your website to find out about Darfur and wish you and the people of Darfur well. We talked about civil rights, human rights and genocide and had someone come and speak a little about China’s terrible human rights record, with respect to it’s people and with respect to other peoples such as Darfurians. Because of the negative attention you and the rest of this movement has put on China, China actually changed it’s policy to some extent by no longer vetoing the process for the UN to intervene. As we talked about this we were looking at your website. And everyone from the group wanted to wish you well and safe passage. Keep up the good work……..Tony, Amnesty International

Dear Gabriel and Katie,
I’m glad you are in Chad among our people in refugee camp. They have been forced to leave their homes for five years so far. The Sudanese government believes that the UN security council is not serious to end the genocide in my homeland. Thank you friends and say to Darfurians in the refugee camp in Chad my heart with them.

Thank you

Its a good sign that we have kicked Gabriel, and KTJ off the page showing that we have more than 100 signed so far…Lets get all we know and keep increasing this form of ACTION!!!! Let our voices be heard…

Dear KTJ,
I’m Carlos from Ackerman Middle school in Oregon and I want to ask you a few questions . What do you eat in Chad? Where do you sleep? When air planes are coming were do you hide, with other people under trees? Did you get to video tape people running to get water and if you did, did they come back at all?

I hope you are safe and doing well and I hear from you soon!

Thank you,
Carlos Martin

Hey Carlos!
Good questions! I mostly eat what we have brought from the States: tuna, granola bars, backpacking food, and nuts! Water is in the camps, but firewood is what they leave to collect. We have heard many stories of women returning after being beaten or raped. Eastern Chad is somewhat safe in that mostly air traffic is humanitarian aid planes and French military, so no hiding here!

Hey Katie,

Hi im Cameron roske from Ackerman middle school. My 5th period class and I were thinking of a project for the kids in Chad. We want to get school suplies and other needed things for them. Could you post a list of thnigs for us when you get the change? Thanks and be Careful

Cameron roske

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