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KTJ answering comments – Jan 15

Hi Rachel!

Your level of commitment matches that of Gabriel’s and it is inspiring to know that those you have met through i-ACT have changed your life forever. The energy and desire for life of Ahmet has kept me going many days when I felt like I hit a wall. Watching over and over again the smiling faces of Leila and others from camp Kounoungo reminds me of the spirit of those we have the power to help. I look forward to hearing your reflections and thoughts on this journey. Paz!

I was so glad to see your entry! I hope that you are able to share this experience, which is also yours, with the NoPo and Hands On community! If you have time you and MJ could watch a video or two together – she needs the break from law school!
xoxoxo right back at you!

Mi Amiga Brenda!
My eyes began to water as I read your note this morning. You have traveled with me to so many places and felt the emotions of my journeys through letters and visits. I am so lucky to have such a good friend by my side as I head down this path! This time, though, no translation of my handwriting necessary – we have entered the tech world. Many thoughts of all our experiences and looking forward to sharing more of this one.

Welcome Ashley to our community!
Connecting with people like you – friends of friends – is one of the most inspiring parts of working to end the violence in Darfur. To be able to introduce you to our friends, who help keep our commitment levels and actions high, is the only way that the genocide in Darfur will end. Thank you for your words and support.

Uncle Dave and all those at Happy Day Ranch!
Thank you for your support and prayers from the snow! It is hot in N’Djamena and I am mentally preparing for hotter weather! Much of my commitment to human rights and ending injustice comes from our family – especially Bobbie and Ginny. I think all of us have a little bit of that in us – the courage to step outside our own lives.

Paz y Amor, KTJ

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KTJ! My friend.. I miss you already and am so glad you are there working for so many of us who care and want peace for Darfurians. I’ve been reading your and Gabriel’s touching journals and am so glad for this amazing technology for keeping in touch with your trip and the work you’re doing. I’ve been struggling the past few days with the household transition. I want so much to create the collective living I have been envisioning the past few years and it keeps bringing me back to your words about home being so central to everyone’s lives, no matter on what side of this earth they live. Darfurian’s struggles are so close in my heart and I’m grateful for the work of SGN. Thank you for being so passionate, and making your life about making a difference and working toward ending this genocide and bringing Darfurians back home. I’ll try to do well by that little Jacaranda tree until you come back.
I love you.

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