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Tell Congress: #RefugeesWelcome

Today, 65 million people are displaced globally due to violent conflicts – the highest number in recorded human history. Last year, President Obama increased the number of refugees that the U.S. will resettle. Unfortunately, the U.S. refugee resettlement program is at risk due to insufficient funding and vocal opposition to the program. Though the number […]

Day 0: Preparations

An Intro from Chad

Hi all, Colin and I have just arrived in N’djamena, Chad, and are just getting accustomed with the pretty robust heat! I just wanted to take a little time to introduce myself as we get ready to go to the refugee camps. I’m currently a senior at Brown University, in Rhode Island, and spent a […]

Replies to comments

Answering comments from Jan 11-13th

Dear Isaac, Larry, Nancy, Monica, Ali, and the Crossler Peer Helpers! Thank you for your support and encouragement as i-ACT begins once again; and from all corners of the world: Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Ghana. As I said in my journal entry from today, this experience is your experience. Ali, thank you so much for […]

Camp Darfur

University of Idaho

UI bustled with activism during our stay in Moscow, ID. Camp Darfur participated in a week long series of events dedicated to raising awareness about genocide and increasing student activism. Seventy-five body bags covered the lawn and 600 letters were signed to demand action by Idaho‚Äôs Senators, Representatives, and President Bush. A brand new STAND […]


Field Report 4: UC Berkeley, California

Dear Friends and Familia: Do enough people care about the fate of Darfur? It is so much more comfortable to look the other way and pretend it is not there. Why worry about people that are so far? It does not affect us. It is so easy to be cynic, after years of working on […]