Day 12: Jan 30, 2008

Today’s action

As we conclude this trip, we must continue to act with greater force to help bring an end to what is known to be one of the worst crises in our global community today – genocide. Our work has not ended; please continue to be an i-ACTivist. We CAN change the world, “ with our own two hands.”

Katie Jay wrote in her blog yesterday “Every action that you take, every minute you spend advocating for Peace in Darfur makes the difference to Fatma, Saad, Ismail, Moustafa, Guisma, Adef, Fatne, Fatna, Fadila, Mariam, Mohamed, Abdoulhaman, Zaineb, Yakoub, Adam, Asha, and Darsalam”

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Dear KTJ,
I’m a student of Ackerman Middle School; and I want to say that I really appreciate all that your doing in Darfur. I think if we non-violently stop things in the Middle East, we will obtain very close to world peace. Keep up the good work!!!


Hey! This is Dayla from Ackerman Middle School. I think what you guys are doing for Darfur is great. You are all in my prayers. You guys ROCK! This is for KTJ: Thank you very much for coming to our school. We really appreciate it. It taught us some really good things about paying attention to what is going on in the world around us! Where are they using the tents we all signed? Thanks again! I am praying for you all!


Great work Team i-ACT! We’ll make flyers with these reminders and spread them around town and through e-mails, along with some of the faces and stories you shared.

Peace and prayers,

San Antonio

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