Day 2: December 10

Passing On (Reason #8 Malnutrition is not acceptable; Reason #9 Many children have spent more than half their lives in a camp; Reason #10 Teachers and leaders hope for a brighter future in Darfur)

Haboba means Grandmother. Ha-Boo-Ba. I love the sound of it. You can’t help but smile when you say it. Today we met Khaltouma’s grandmother, Hawa, and yesterday we met Rahma’s grandmother. She is blind and lives with a young girl who takes care of her. We looked for Raouda and her grandmother, Hassayna. In the […]

Day 1: December 9

4 More Reasons

Reason #4: Little boys have a right to a future that doesn’t include child soldier recruitment Reason #5: Darfuri children have a right to a good education that will help them build a better Darfur. (Obama School’s first new classrooms supported by people like you.) Reason #6: Adef’s twins, Bashir and Bashar, now seven, appear […]

Day 8: March 31

Burnt Memories, Family and Path of Dedicated Action

We enter Obama School for Co-education Basic just before classes begin. There is a nice breeze in the mornings, but not quite strong enough to naturally fend off the flies. Young children are filing blue buckets of water and taking them to classrooms. It takes two boys to carry one, but only one girl to […]