Day 6: Aug 6, 2008


I did not write a journal for day 5. I started to write it and only got as far as saying that I was writing it at 4:13am, after getting up at 3am to work on video. I somehow could not get myself to write. Now, it’s 11:12pm. I’m editing and waiting for CNN and […]

Issue 5: March 2008

Low numbers, high numbers, still inaction.

On a very recent article by CNN, president of Sudan al-Bashir is quoted as saying that less than 10,000 people have died and less than 500,000 have been displaced by the five-year crisis in the region of Darfur. Reading this, it makes me want to burst out laughing, but what stops me is knowing that, […]

Day 10: July 19, 2007

Gabriel’s Responses to Comments (from many past days!)

Gabriel replies to Mimi, Irais, Gabo, Daniel, Zahara, Lisa, Pam B, Mimi Schiff, Charles D, Tony, Gina and Brandon.

Day 6: July 15, 2007

Connie’s Journal

Today we started very early we wanted to walk to school with the kids, so we were there by 7:30.As always we were greeted like royalty. Alhafis, he was waiting, to show me a little car he had made out of some plastic bottle and you remember the little girl who showed me her homework? […]

Day 2: July 11, 2007

Comment replies from Gabriel

Gabriel’s Responses to Day 2 Comments from Gina, Daniel, Rachel, Mimi, Katie-Jay, Tere, his mom, Duxiangjun, Gayle, MaryAnn, Sylvia and Zaharita. :)