Day 6: Aug 6, 2008


I did not write a journal for day 5. I started to write it and only got as far as saying that I was writing it at 4:13am, after getting up at 3am to work on video. I somehow could not get myself to write.

Now, it’s 11:12pm. I’m editing and waiting for CNN and AP to decide what kind of compression they want their video in. I’m trying to write a journal for day 6, so that people don’t think I’m slouching, but all I can think is, “I’m pretty exhausted; I’m pretty exhausted,” which does not make for great writing or reading.

But, I am pretty exhausted.

Well, that’s as far as I got that morning, and then I got distracted by the editing. It is now the next day, 4:41pm. It has been a crazy marathon of going to camps, setting up interviews for Mia, figuring out video stuff for different news organizations, downloading hours and hours of video, editing hours and hours of video down to minutes of video, and uploading all of that, bouncing it off a satellite and in to your homes via the internet. What a world!

It is a privilege to be able to be out here, no matter how rough it gets. The people we meet thank us for coming so far to hear and then tell their stories. It is all they have right now. They live on the edge of existence, but their stories rich, and sad, and happy, and devastating. They are complete beings, forced to live a way that is not how they want and that is not natural to them.

So, this is my journal for day 6. Not much of a journal, but gotta run and get back to editing.

SGN and i-ACT is a small little group that came together almost magically. The member of my team give so much of themselves so that the stories of the victims and survivors are heard. Thank you team!


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All of us iActivists truly appreciate the enormous amount of effort you put into iAct! Honestly, I wonder how it is that you manage to get by with so little sleep…

Thanks to SGN team for all of their efforts to bring us, in the safety of our homes, into close contact with Darfuri refugees living in danger a world away.

Even in your exhaustion, you are an extraordinary messenger, Gabriel. And thanks to all your team who help us know our friends in the camps.

Strength to you all, Pam

Yeah, that video editing is a bear, Gabriel!! even if you are sitting in a cool room with stereo blaring and with a cool drink to sip! Honestly, I don’t know how you are able to do it every day, then face the next day anew.

Gabriel: Do us a big favor — ask Mia to join us on Nov 8th or 9th in DC !!!!! Pullll–llllease!

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