Day 10: July 19, 2007

Gabriel’s Responses to Comments (from many past days!)

Gabriel replies to Mimi, Irais, Gabo, Daniel, Zahara, Lisa, Pam B, Mimi Schiff, Charles D, Tony, Gina and Brandon.

Hey Mimi, Irais, Gabo, Daniel, y Zahara:
Gracias por los mensajes de todos los dias. Ahora teniamos tres camaras tomando video, entonces colectamos mucho material. Lo unico de eso es que me tomaba mucho en editar, ya que tengo que ver todo el video para decidir que minutitos mejor cuentan por lo que pasamos ese dia. Los extrano mucho. Ahorita voy en el avion de Abeche a N’Djamena. Nuestros pilotos son los mismos de hace unos dias. Parecen mas o menos de la edad de Gabo, pero son buenicimos. Los aviones estos no se ven muy nuevos que digamos, pero no me quejo. Son muy buena gente para ayudarnos a llegar a donde tenemos que llegar. Ya los veo el Lunes. Me gustaria que ya fuera hoy. Un abrazo..g

Hello Lisa:
I’d be more than happy to send you some of the pictures, and you can print for t-shirts or other uses. I have some really nice ones. Thanks for your company, and I look forward to seeing you in San Antonio. Let’s also find a way for all of us to continue working together. There is so much to do and so much potential for a group of people that care.

Hello Pam B:
I mentioned the Student Task Force at all my stops with refugees. They all were so appreciative and send their “Thank-you!” to the students. It was so moving to meet Ahmat’s grandmother and be with her when she saw her grandson on the video. They used to all be together, and now Ahmat is in one place, the mother and father in another, other children and the grandmother in yet another. We will stay in touch with the grandmother, and we asked her to send message to Ahmat about the young people in the US that care about him and want to hear how he’s doing. Thanks, Pam, and we’ll be in touch!

Hi Mimi Schiff:
It was exciting for us to hear that your daughter saw us on CNN. We did not know. We did hear that our Ask the Candidates was chosen as one of the questions that will be asked during the Democratic candidates debate. I am so curious to see how they answer. Mimi, for Camp Darfur in Santa Clarita, I have an extra speaker for the program. If you are in contact with the organizers, please reserve some minutes for him. He is a doctor that spent a long time in a camp. You will really appreciate his talk. Thanks Mimi!

Hello Charles D!
Thanks for the news about the Darfuris that made it all the way to Israel. The children must feel so welcomed, and there is nothing like play to serve as therapy after the horrors they for sure witnessed. We’ll see you soon! Best.

Thanks for always spreading the news and doing all that you can. There will be some activities in LA focused on the Chinese embassy coming up soon. It will be great to hook up and do “our thing,” as we’ve done at the Federal Building, again. About funding for UN/AU, it is very relevant, but the world has to push a lot harder to move this along at a much faster pace, the actual implementation of sending out the troops. The media has reported that the Government of Sudan has accepted this “hybrid” force, but then they failed to cover more fully all the conditions that the GoS puts on any force entering Sudanese territory, which then pretty much means that they are not accepting the force. Without exception, the refugees told us that there must be an effective, robust, international force that is not controlled in any way by the GoS. We have heard the reports about the underground lake, but it does not make sense for investors to go in and work with the GoS to develop any water extraction at this time, while the black tribes of Darfur are being eliminated from the land. About your last comment, asking me to take care of any parts of the i-ACT 10-Day Challenge that you miss, hahah…not going to happen! :)

Gina and Brandon:
I love that you have conversations about the lives of the refugees and connect it with your own personal life. We have to see the connection and how we are one. Thanks for starting your children young!

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