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  • Our Part

    We also have to do it for ourselves, we are part of this world, just sitting around and waiting for […]

  • Connie’s Responses to Comments, Day 10

    Connie replies to Tere, Mimi Schiff, Zahara, Lisa, Wally, Mimish, Rachel, her mom, Mary Ann and Pam.

  • More of Connie’s Responses

    Connie replies to Gina, Lisa, tony and Lisa (again :)).

  • Connie’s Day 10 Journal

    Common people making connections. Everything has gone so right here at our last camp! The outlook coming in was challenging […]

  • Resumen del dia 10.

    Llegó Hala, ella es la encargada de UNHCR de los refugiados de este campamento. Nos dio como quien dice un […]

  • Connie’s Responses to day 9

    Connie replies to Mimi Schiff, Ira, KTJ, MaryAnn, Lisa, Pam, Amy, Mimish, Zahara and Charles (some multiple times, so do […]

  • Resumen en Español, Día 9

    Llegamos a Abeche de nuevo. Pasamos la noche, casi no dormimos, igual que todas las noches. Nuestro vuelo hacia el […]

  • Connie Journal

    Camp #3 I slept only 2 hours got up at 4:30 to catch a flight to northern Chad (dejavu?). We […]

  • Resumen en Espanol dia 8.

    Leila. Recuerdan a Leila, pues regresamos al primer campamento para visitar con ella.Llegando de inmediato nos recibio Juma,Aquel nino que […]

  • Connie’s Journal day 8

    Hey Leila, Got you on my mind…Leila. Well you know the routine by now (hardly any sleep etc. etc.). So […]