Day 9: July 18, 2007

Connie’s Responses to day 9

Connie replies to Mimi Schiff, Ira, KTJ, MaryAnn, Lisa, Pam, Amy, Mimish, Zahara and Charles (some multiple times, so do scroll to the bottom!)

Dear Mimi Schiff,
Yes it is easy to be disconnected especially when all you hear is numbers. Those numbers have faces and each number is a real person like you or me .Gabe has reconnected with many people almost every day. Some of the women at the second camp, Somaya and Darslam, also a teacher at the last camp recognized Gabe, boy was he helpful, Ali isn’t with us (our translator) and his English was great. Ahmet a boy from the first i-Act was some one who Gabriel really wanted to connect with but he returned to Sudan in search of education. We did catch up with his grandmother and as you will see was very emotional. Mimi we appreciate your concern and support as always! Amor y Paz, Connie.

Hola Ira,
Si es dificil despedirnos de toda nuestra familia aqui pero estoy resuelta mas que antes de ayudarles para que todos estos ninos tengan una vida mas humana y espero que los que nos han seguido en nuestro viaje tambien! Amour y Paz.

This trip has been very emotional, but with their example: the smiles and the determination to be happy even though they find themselves in this situation, we must also participate joyfully in trying to make their lives better. Yes lessons are learned and we can make adjustments in our lives so that we live more aligned to our views, now that we have witnessed how so many are unfortunate.
It is amazing that larger numbers make for more indifference, but maybe in some weird way that is the way we are wired. I think that we( i_Act) have put some faces on those numbers and people can relate to individuals not statistics. And I think that some of us care no matter the numbers, because we are taught to care and since we (our family Stauring) were born, I know it was our mother who was always an example of good will and compassion for the less fortunate. For some reason without knowing anything about your personal life, I think the same might be said. So if we raise our kids to care, they will. I really think that is that simple. Amor y Paz, Connie.

Hi MaryAnn,
I totally agree that China should not host the Olympics ,but I think that also we should aim for what is doable. In the U.S. there are so many different opinions and it is very difficult to have everyone agree on one thing, and maybe this “ One World” can bring light to people who under other circumstances, a boycott would think it to be too radical. It would be a much better world if every one thought like you Mary Ann, but unfortunately it is not, but we must push on and try to change the hearts and minds of many. Amor y Paz, Connie.

Greeting’s Lisa,
Yes Lisa every thing here is on a day-to-day basis. Nothing is predictable. But what does not change is the reality of the hardships that the refugees live everyday. But I am sure that we can make it a little better for them. Lisa thank –you for being consistent since we began, but now that our journey here and with you is almost over, a new challenge will begin: we must keep them in our hearts and minds so that we do what is necessary to improve their lives and help them return to their homes. Amor y Paz, Connie.

Hi Pam,
You are really going to enjoy day 10! There is a visit with Ahmets grandmother!
I am encouraged when I know that people like you are educating our children. I am so happy that you and Gabriel made a connection and that you and the kids are part of our family. Amor y Paz, Connie.

Hello Amy,
You are so right! I do not speak the language here. But it was not a barrier. I felt the love everywhere! Between them and for you and us too. Thank you. Amor y Paz, Connie.

Hola Mimish,
Last day and thank you for being with us all the way! Amor y Paz,Connie.

Hola Zaharita,
Si todo el viaje ha sido un reto,las cosas cambian de momento a momento y tenemos pero todo se ha resuelto.Gabe tambien le ha dado mucho gusto vover a encontrarse con amigos aqui.Amor y Paz.
Hi Charles,
What a wonderful example of humanity!Although it is impossible to do the same for all the other families it is nice to know that these families are being cared for by Israel and maybe by knocking at their door, and being welcomed, it will be an opportunity to create awareness and begin new and different dialogues for solutions to a problem that gets bigger every day.Thank you for your kind words of concern and we will see you soon. Amor y Paz,Connie.

Dear Mimi Schiff,
My greatest hope is that we can use these 15min. of fame to make millions aware of this tremendous injustice.But for the moment one client at a time is perfect! Amor y Paz,Connie.

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