Day 2: Aug 2, 2008

Action: Stop the funds

Just beyond the borders of the camp where team members KTJ and Gabriel are visiting friends, lies ashes of livelihoods. As one refugee said, only the name remains of her village. This genocide is expensive, and oil and weapons are profitable. Action 1 Sudan has many investors besides China that are interested in making a […]


Get Involved!

Here’s a summary of all the actions from i-ACT 5 (and more!). Keep the pressure on and strong! Locally Tell 5 Friends (or more!) about i-ACT: Send them to our website and send them a story of one of our friends This coming weekend, bring the faces and stories of our friends to your place […]

Actions Day 6: June 15, 2008

Action: Lend your voice!

Your voice is Their voice – today they need you to stand up, stronger then ever, and tell their story. For the past month and a half, violence throughout Sudan towards Darfuris has increased significantly with Darfuris in the capitol being pulled from their homes and executed in the street or arrested and taken to […]