Get Involved!

Here’s a summary of all the actions from i-ACT 5 (and more!). Keep the pressure on and strong!


  1. Tell 5 Friends (or more!) about i-ACT: Send them to our website and send them a story of one of our friends
  2. This coming weekend, bring the faces and stories of our friends to your place of worship. Say a prayer for Darfur, and make a commitment to actively end the violence.
  3. Engage your friends and representatives in a conversation about our United Nations Security Council Presidency, use Africa Action’s talking points.
  4. Host an i-ACTivist Viewing Party: Use this Guide (word, pdf)
  5. Join the Tents of Hope campaign, now in 9 countries!
  6. Dial 1-800 GENOCIDE and pressure your Senators and Representatives to take action.
  7. Write a letter to the editor or article for your local paper! Use the points included in this sample letter to a leader, and urge the media to bring attention to the voices of those who need our help!
  8. Help build a movement by connecting with other Darfur activists and advocacy groups. Brainstorm with other advocacy groups how you can work in solidarity on campaigns and projects to make more them more wide-reaching and powerful. Some groups to contact: STAND (ask for local chapters), Genocide Intervention Network, Stop Genocide Now, Jewish World Watch and Save Darfur.


  1. Join the 100 Day Fast for Darfur that began on April 7th, the day of the Rwanda genocide and continues until July 15th. Each dollar donated to WFP will be matched.
  2. Using Africa Action’s talking points, write a letter, send an email or call the US Permanent Representative to the UN, Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad, here.
  3. Join the San Francisco Bay Area Darfur Coalition and begin your weekly commitment to Darfur Fridays and Keep International Focus on Darfur.
  4. Read the joint statement of Presidential candidates Clinton, Obama, and McCain and thank them for condemning the government of Sudan.
  5. Urge Clinton, Obama, and McCain to begin their dedication to Darfur now and make protection of innocent civilians in Darfur and Sudan a priority in their first 100 days in office by sending them a message here.
  6. Participate in Tents of Hope Tents of Hope World Refugee Day Actions!
  7. Call the White House and demand that we call an emergency meeting on Darfur and Sudan at UN Security Council and that we do all in our power to Protect the Innocent Civilians of Darfur. Dial 1-800-GENOCIDE or 202.456.1111 to be connected to the President.


  1. Participate in demonstrations at headquarters and retail outlets of the 2008 Olympic Sponsor
  2. Join Amnesty International in urging leaders to take action to release Darfuri prisoners.
  3. Use sample letter to your leader, and add in a picture and story the many listed here, or another you have connected with over the last week. Include a link that invites them to view a video of the refugees, attach a picture and a story from the camps.
  4. Write to the President of the United Nations Security Council (United States of America in June 2008), urging the Security Council to call on Sudan to enforce all International Criminal Court arrest warrants immediately. Stay connected at Wanted for War Crimes.
  5. Take Action to Divest in Chinese and other companies with investments in Sudan at Investors Against Genocide, which has a targeted Divestment Model for Institution, Council, or Legislature provided by Sudan Divestment
  6. Connect with the villages in Darfur that are under immediate threat and need your protection at Amnesty International’s Eyes on Darfur. Tell the ambassador that villages in Darfur and Eastern Chad need protection.
  7. Participate in the 2008 Olympic Games Sponsor Demonstrations, or write them urging their action for Darfur

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