Day 1: Aug 1, 2008

Action: Help spread the word and start participating!

  1. Tell Five Friends about i-ACT: Send them to visit our website, or download and distribute this flyer. If you have a website, please consider adding a badge to our website!
  2. Join the Discussion to Stop Genocide Now at our new Forum! Click here to create an account and join the discussions.
  3. NBC is about to air over 1,000 hours of Olympic games, and sell over 1.1 billion in aids; money and air time that could help benefit innocent civilians in Darfur. Please send a letter to the President of NBC News today, urging him to devote attention to China’s role in the ongoing atrocities in Darfur. Learn about the Darfur Media Accountability Project.

4 replies on “Action: Help spread the word and start participating!”

Hey you guys,

I just watched video #1 and I must say it was the best I’ve seen you do — both the shooting, the audio, and the editing. And that parting shot is a real keeper!!! Rock on, Team!

Hey Sonia!
Great to hear from you! Thanks, we have new cameras this time, and I am still adjusting to them. They are high definition which might be why the shots come out so well. But they are hard with the walking and moving, the emphasize movement a lot more than the previous ones. The young girl was a great shot by G!
peace, ktj

Dear friend Ashis!
back in your home, settling in at Chez Bahai. It looks the same, I assure you. We haven’t met Umda Bakhit – refugee? national staff? Let us know, and we’ll look for him, we are here until the 6th!

Not much rain up here for being the rainy season, but sort of glad about that since they haven’t quite gotten around to fixing the roof over here yet, so more than hour would send us in to a frenzy trying to protect our tech equipment!

Hope Columbia is treating you well!
peace, ktj

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