i-ACT 6: August 1 - 11, 2008

i-ACTivist challenge!

In i-ACT tradition, we’ll be hosting the i-ACT challenge again! i-ACT is all about action, so every day we hope the stories from the camps will inspire everyone to take part in our daily actions. We’d like to show our appreciation to all i-ACTivists who follow Gabriel and Katie-Jay on their journey and participate in the daily actions. When you watch the video daily, one of the words in the action will be in BOLD. That word will only remain bold on that day, so write it down and keep it somewhere safe! At the end of i-ACT 6, submit your list of words to us by sending an e-mail to for a chance to win autographed Bonnie Raitt Darfur hats! We’ll also be sending everyone paritcipating an i-ACTivist e-certificate.

We look forward to your entries!

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