Camp Darfur in Portland, OR

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Gali Slayen from the STAND chapter from Lincoln High School, Portland OR writes to us:

Camp Darfur was an incredible experience to bring to my high school. It gave over a thousand students the opportunity to learn about past genocides and the current genocide taking place in Darfur. The students were really affected by the tents and found it to be a really meaningful learning experience. It opened eyes to the atrocities taking place in Sudan. The other Dream for Darfur events were also very meaningful. Seeing “Darfur Now”, listening to a refugee speak, and attending a candle light vigil to remember all that have passed have empowered me to become more involved and fulfill my duty to help stop the genocide.

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  1. Hey! We are hosting a Camp Darfur at Beaverton HS on Thursday, March 6th… do you have any planning advice for us based on your experience?

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