Day 7: Dec 27, 2006

First Day of School

We woke up at the crack of dawn this morning to go to school. It felt just like it did as a child. I was filled with anticipation and hope and sleep as we headed to “our” first day of school. I pictured a few dedicated children gathered around a dedicated teacher in a small […]

Day 6: Dec 26, 2006

Family is Family, No Matter Where You Are

Happy Holidays Everyone, Today I sat on a aged straw mat that represents everything in the world to the people I am getting to know. It represents their history, daily activities, dignity and measure of the world’s concern for them. They are tattered and torn but the women we met offer us a seat on […]

Day 5: Dec 25, 2006

Peace, Salaam, Peace, Salaam. Peace,Salaam…..

Last night I wrote my blog late at night after a long, long day. It was just turning into Christmas Eve day and I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning and head to the camps. I’ve NEVER been away from my family for Christmas and I miss them but so many here have […]

i-ACT 1: Nov 21 - Dec 10, 2005

Word on Ahmat

I recently received an e-mail from Ali, an aid worker at camps Mile and Kounoungo.  He gave me word on Ahmat, the English speaking young man we met on Day 11 of i-ACT. Ahmat is OK, working a few hours a day at a “restaurant” in the camp.  He is no longer studying English, since […]

Day 19: Dec 8, 2005

i-ACT Day Nineteen

In Africa it’s already 12/10 Day 20, Gaga and AU 10:20 pm It felt so good to just lose myself in between the tents of Gaga, with no guide or translator. Gaga is a small newer Camp, about an hour and a half east of Abeche. It was an interesting place for us because they […]

Day 14: Dec 3, 2005

i-ACT: Day Fourteen

Chasing the border 6:45 pm Sudan is a pretty large country, as countries go, but we had a hard time finding it. Sunday is a rest day for the NGO’s; they did not go to the camp. We decided to go see the line between Darfur and Chad, after first asking Pacome, the UNHCR head […]

Day 11: Nov 31, 2005

i-ACT: Day Eleven

6:08pm Commenting back Hello again. I cut short answering some of your questions yesterday because of the always present electricity issue, but we’re back! I hope we are also seeing some of the answers to your questions through the videos. I am making an effort to go out and ask the questions you’ve been asking […]

Day 9: Nov 29, 2005

i-ACT: Day Nine

I’ll be right back! 5:19 pm I was going to start writing, but I just looked outside right now, and it is getting dark. I think I should go take a bath, since every day we come back bathed in sand; there is just no way around it. It is sandy and windy! Today we […]