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Red flags we can’t ignore

Warning signs, grimly reminiscent of previous episodes of genocide, are appearing across Burundi. This tiny nation, nestled within the green hills of equatorial Africa, has hosted disproportionate rates of ethnic violence in the decades since independence. Shortly before its neighbor to the north, Rwanda, collapsed into one of the worst genocides in history, Burundi underwent […]


Escalating Violence in Burundi

On January 15, 2016, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights issued a statement about the developing situation in Burundi. In it, he talked of the “deeply worrying trends” emerging from Burundi and called for urgent investigation into allegations of humanitarian abuses that originated from mid to late 2015. The current escalation of violence began […]

Take Action

Emergency Darfur Action: 28 January 2011

E-mail UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and tell him and the international community to not handover control of the Darfur peaces process to the Khartoum government, the main perpetrator of the on-going genocide. E-mail the UN Secretary-General ( this note (or your own words): Dear Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: The United Nations should make clear in the African […]

Day 5: Aug 5, 2008

Voice is a Human Right

Nobel Women’s Initiative arrived today, and we spent much of our time with them as they met with the women’s group, and the youth committee. Overwhelmingly, they all spoke of justice in order for peace. To the extent that one woman said that al-Bashir and 52 men below him in government should be executed. And […]

Day 19: Dec 8, 2005

i-ACT Day Nineteen

In Africa it’s already 12/10 Day 20, Gaga and AU 10:20 pm It felt so good to just lose myself in between the tents of Gaga, with no guide or translator. Gaga is a small newer Camp, about an hour and a half east of Abeche. It was an interesting place for us because they […]

Day 16: Dec 5, 2005

Today’s Action

Today is a National Call-In Day for AU Peacekeeper Funding Urgent action alert from our friends and partners of i-ACT at the Genocide Intervention Network (GIN). After the success of our last National Call-In Day for Darfur, we hope that you will join us in picking up the phone once again today. Experts from the […]