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Emergency Darfur Action: 28 January 2011

E-mail UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and tell him and the international community to not handover control of the Darfur peaces process to the Khartoum government, the main perpetrator of the on-going genocide.

E-mail the UN Secretary-General ( this note (or your own words):

Dear Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon:

The United Nations should make clear in the African Union speech on Sunday that it remains committed to international mediation of the Darfur peace talks, and not turn them over to the Sudanese government that perpetrated the genocide.  Whilst the UN and the international community should celebrate the recent vote for Southern independence in Sudan, sanctions on the Khartoum government should not be lifted, and all members states of the UN should do all they can to ensure that Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who is still wanted by the International Criminal Court for genocide, is arrested.

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