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People of Darfur Wondering if the Genocide Will Ever End

What began as a violent altercation between two men in a displaced persons camp in El Geneina, the capital city of Western Darfur, quickly spiraled out of control over the weekend of January 15-17. According to current reports, the violence spread to militias–described by many survivors as Janjaweed–who then attacked at least 13 neighboring villages, […]

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Tell Your U.S. Senators: Co-sponsor S.2060 and Sanction Burma’s Army Now

We cannot remain silent as the Burmese army marches down the path to the genocide of the Rohingya people. ACT NOW

SGN Blog This is Darfur


We write to you in advance of the 39th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council to share our serious concerns over the human rights and humanitarian situation in Sudan.

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The Global Fragility & Violence Reduction Act of 2018

Global levels of violence are at a 25-year peak, undercutting global stability, reversing development gains and driving record levels of forced displacement.

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Join the Sudan Day of Action on April 24th

Join the Day of Action Campaign and tell your representative it’s the wrong time to accelerate U.S.-Sudan normalization

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Civil Society Welcomes Bipartisan Legislation to Tackle Global Violence

This timely legislation would require the U.S. government – in collaboration with global civil society – to develop a 10-year strategy to bring down current levels of global violence and better address the root causes of violence, violent conflict, and fragility that drive recurrent global crises.

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#DemandTheSupply of products made with conflict-free minerals from Congo

Conflict minerals have fueled and continue to help sustain the world’s deadliest conflict since World War II, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These minerals – tin, tungsten, tantalum, and gold – are valuable on the international market because they are used in products ranging from cell phones to jewelry to cars to kitchen appliances. […]

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The Syrian Refugee Deportations in Jordan, and Why They Matter

Jordan, despite severely limited water and agricultural resources, has hosted, since 2011, almost 655,000 Syrian refugees, making it the second largest refugee-hosting country in the world, in proportion to its population. According to a Human Rights Watch report, however, starting in early 2017, Jordan has been summarily deporting over 1000 Syrian refugees per month, without […]

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Violence at Kalma Camp

On September 22nd, Sudan’s military used live ammunition to disperse protestors at Kalma camp in South Darfur, killing at least three civilians, according to UN News, and wounding 26 more. The number of dead was reported as five, four days later,  by multiple sources including Xinhuanet and Dabanga. The confrontation occurred after three days of […]

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Don’t Embolden the #SudaneseGenocidaires

Ibrahim Ghandour, the Foreign Minister of Sudan, will be in Washington, D.C., this Thursday and Friday to seal the deal on lifting U.S. sanctions on Sudan. On Thursday, September 14, Sudanese are gathering to protest the visit of one of the architects of genocide that has destroyed their country and millions of lives, and they […]