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Join the Sudan Day of Action on April 24th

Join the Day of Action Campaign and tell your representative it’s the wrong time to accelerate U.S.-Sudan normalization

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Don’t Embolden the #SudaneseGenocidaires

Ibrahim Ghandour, the Foreign Minister of Sudan, will be in Washington, D.C., this Thursday and Friday to seal the deal on lifting U.S. sanctions on Sudan. On Thursday, September 14, Sudanese are gathering to protest the visit of one of the architects of genocide that has destroyed their country and millions of lives, and they […]

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Tell Secretary Clinton: They Can’t Wait

Tweet Secretary Clinton had strong words for the UN Security Council this month, calling its failure to act in Syria a “travesty” and pledging to “redouble our efforts outside of the United Nations” to support the Syrian people. Sudanese civilians have waited too long for the same level of commitment by Secretary Clinton and the […]