Day 4: Jan 22, 2008

Today’s action

In only a few days, genocide in Darfur will have occurred for five gruesome years. Khartoum could not have done this on their own; it takes thousands of dollars to commit genocide. It could be our own money that is investing in this genocide. Today, we ask you to take a look at your own life. Are you contributing to genocide through investments? Please take a moment to ensure that you are not paying for a genocide.

Helpful links to help you with your Divestment for Darfur:

2 replies on “Today’s action”

hey gabriel

u came and helped my Social Justice club at Norwalk High set up for CAMP DARFUR

i cant believe u met Adam from the camp u visited, i remember him from duh film “THE DEVIL CAME ON HORSEBACK”
Adam made me cry when i first heard him speak on camera
if u ever see him again, tell him dat my prayers are with him n i will do my best to help

God Bless u for ur work

i’ll keep on spreading the word


Oops – I am not sure if the beginning of my message went off in mid-thought.

Gabriel – I am moved, as before, by what you are doing and what you are showing the rest of us of life in the refugee camps. As a teacher myself, I found the words and emotions of the teacher, day 3, I believe, particularly poignant. I also find that often it is your words and the expressions of your own emotions that connect for me.

Thank you for all you are doing. Keep assuring the people from Darfur that we are working here to inform others and hopefully helping them reach the day when they can return to their homes in peace.

STF advisor, New Roads School, LA

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