Day 4: Aug 4, 2008

I do not accept

On a daily basis the children of Darfur living in refugee camps in Eastern Chad have little to look forward to. We discovered today, what a little attention can do for the soul. We wake early to head out to the camps, and with the breeze and a little cloud cover the day is much […]

Reports from Abeche

Update from Abeche – Tuesday 17 June – 7:49am

Hello friends: Following on the theme for World Refugee Day (June 20), we decided to take on that general theme for our trip: Protection. We were to focus on what protection means to the millions of displaced, and, when visiting the camps, show how the refugees feel about protection in the camps and back home. […]

i-ACT i-ACT 5: June 10 - 22, 2008

i-Act 5 Ending early, but we will continue reporting

Edit: Originally sent to our mailing list on 16 June, 2008. Hello Friends and Familia: We are starting our second week in Chad, and for the first time in five trips we might not be able to visit a refugee camp. When we left camp Kounoungo this past January, our friend Yakoub told us that […]

Day 4: June 13, 2008

Scott’s Day 4 Journal

It was great to get out of N’djamena today, even if it required a plane ride that almost made me lose my breakfast (which consisted of a Cliffs granola bar). While I’m excited to get to the refugee camps tomorrow (finally!), I am nervous for a plane that will be smaller and a ride that […]

Day 2: June 11, 2008

Letting Go, Looking Forward

Today is a hard day for me. We spent most of the day in the lobby of Le Meridien; waiting for our fixer, waiting for permits, waiting for the video to upload, lots of waiting. As a result, my jet lag has h it me harder than I have ever felt before. Usually there is […]

Actions Day 1: June 10, 2008

Action: Lend your voice

After five years, the targeted and calculated violence towards innocent civilians in Darfur not only continues, but is worsening as you watch Stop Genocide Now and i-ACT field team members return to refugee camps in Eastern Chad for the fifth time. Our friends who made the treacherous journey across the border and to a refugee […]

Day 7: Jan 25, 2008

Catching up after a few days of travel and no internet

We have finally arrived out to Eastern Chad. It has been an experience to say the least.. To get out of the capital city of N’Djamena we had to go through the all the red tape. We waited for two days to receive all the proper authorizations and signatures from the proper authorities. Then it […]

Day 5: Jan 23, 2008

Jim says “Hi” to his wife Elizabeth

G’s Journal—day 5 Today was travel day! I’m trying to sound excited, but I most definitely much prefer to have visiting friends in camps day than having to run and wait to move from one town to the next and then to the next. You know, today it was not all bad. The waiting was […]

Day 4: Jan 22, 2008

The View from the top of the Hill

g’s journal for day 4 We stood at the top of the hill that holds one of the water towers at Camp Mile. On all of one side of the hill you can see nothing but camp, tent tops and mud structures. On the other side is the yellow desert with a few speckles of […]

Day 2: Jan 20, 2008

Night Sounds in Guereda

G’s Journal – Day 2 Tonight it was not only the dogs making noise. Earlier this evening, as I was editing Day 2, a series of loud gunshots clapped hard against the dark sky, as if I was hearing them in a small empty room. It must have been five at first. Some more were […]