i-ACT i-ACT 5: June 10 - 22, 2008

i-Act 5 Ending early, but we will continue reporting

Edit: Originally sent to our mailing list on 16 June, 2008.

Hello Friends and Familia:

We are starting our second week in Chad, and for the first time in five trips we might not be able to visit a refugee camp. When we left camp Kounoungo this past January, our friend Yakoub told us that the people in his camp felt motivated by our trips and felt proud that we continued to come back. They feel connected to not just us, but to the communities that support them in the US and other countries.

Yakoub and other refugees are so grateful for the aid they receive to keep them alive, but they regain hope and energy when they hear the messages, see the faces, and learn the names of those that are doing selfless work every day to bring peace to Darfur. That “building of community” across continents is priceless. The i-ACT team remains committed to this.

We are in Abeche, in Eastern Chad, unable to move because of heavy fighting in the area. We will continue to report on the situation and how it affects aid work and the lives of the hundreds of thousands of displaced people. We will post video, when there is something visually worth posting. Otherwise, we will continue with journals, reports, and answering any comments and questions that you post on our blog. Click here to read our reports from Abeche.

Thank you for staying involved and for being one of those faces and names that Yakoub says he feels proud to know.

for Katie-Jay, Colin, and Scott,
i-ACT Team in Abeche, Chad.

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Hello Good Friend,
I can only try to imagine how challenging these days must feel, as you are prevented from getting to the camps and your friends. The entire region is teetering on a precipice and your constant, unwavering commitment is so important to your friends in the camps and to your friends who watch and listen from the safety of our homes. Would that our elected leaders had half as much conviction to protect the people of Darfur as you have!!
With you,
Pam B

If you can get into the camp, please let them know we are working to help them. I want to share their stories and get their message out. I believe their stories of devastation and survival have the power to impact a change in mankind. Be Their Messenger wants to be just that. We support all of your efforts and if there is anything we can do to assist or help to get their messages out, please let us know! Keep up the amazing work!

Be Aware | Know Their Stories | Send Their Message

Not sure what the status of the camps are at this point, but if you do get to do please send my love and support to the refugees and let them know that we won’t give up until they return home safely.

Thanks so much for keeping us informed throughout your trip and have a safe trip back.

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