Day 2: Jan 20, 2008

Night Sounds in Guereda

G’s Journal – Day 2 Tonight it was not only the dogs making noise. Earlier this evening, as I was editing Day 2, a series of loud gunshots clapped hard against the dark sky, as if I was hearing them in a small empty room. It must have been five at first. Some more were […]

Day 1: Jan 19, 2008

Aikram! Snap, Switch, Show and Shriek

I wake before the alarm on my watch starts beeping and 6:45am flashes in indigo. Today we go to Kounougo!Our land cruiser is the last in the convoy heading to the camp; all humanitarian vehicles are marked with a “no weapons” image, yet ironically we follow a pick-up truck with a gun and several soldiers. […]

i-ACT 3: July 10 - 20, 2007

Thank You friends in Chad

We are now sitting in the calm of our hotel in N’Djamena. These ten days of i-ACT were so full of experiences and emotions. It is not easy to digest it all. On the physical side, it was exhausting, our marathon of traveling, visiting, editing, writing, and all the rest. In my spirit, though, I […]

Day 5: July 14, 2007

Connie’s Responses To Comments From Day 5 (and Before)

Responses to Stace, Gina, Tere, Lisa G, and Melvita & Humberto.

Day 2: July 11, 2007

Gabriel’s Journal

N’Djamena, 3:20am (N’D Time) It’s too late to sleep now, so I’ll write. We need to be at the airport before 6am, and there’s still packing to do. We have to figure out what is essential and what can stay, if it needs to. They have a weight limit that is considerably less than Air […]

Day 7: Dec 27, 2006

The view from the hill

Blog, 12/27/06 7:52am, Eastern Chad Not far from the refugee camp school, there is a pretty little hill that just calls to be climbed. After a couple of ours of looking in at school activities, I asked Stace and Ali if they wanted to walk to the top of the hill. I thought it would […]

Day 5: Dec 25, 2006

Day 5 from Gabriel

blog, 12/25/06 2:35am Eastern Chad Dear friends, familia: Nights in Eastern Chad seem very peaceful. The black dome of stars almost seems like a protective cocoon. It is so dark here, and the sky is so full of stars! It’s hard to believe that these heavens, on both sides of the border, have been witnessing […]