Day 5: Dec 25, 2006

Day 5 from Gabriel

blog, 12/25/06 2:35am Eastern Chad

Dear friends, familia:

Nights in Eastern Chad seem very peaceful. The black dome of stars almost seems like a protective cocoon. It is so dark here, and the sky is so full of stars! It’s hard to believe that these heavens, on both sides of the border, have been witnessing such bloodshed. All the beautiful people we visited yesterday and today sleep under this same sky just a few miles away, and I wonder if they can even dream of a day when they might feel safe.

They tell us their stories–their villages being destroyed, their animals taken, their friends and families killed, and then they know that we’ll go home to our lands, and they stay. How is it that they are so welcoming and sincerely touched by our visit?

I’ve been here, in this little hut in Africa, trying to focus enough to write this entry, but it is now 3:17am, and my mind wanders, as little faces from the many, many children we saw today keep flashing through my mind.

I think so much about my own beautiful children, Noemi and Gabo. I think I would break, if I had to endure seeing them live the much less than complete life that hundreds of thousands of the children of Darfur live.

Tomorrow, Christmas for us, we go back out to a camp. I can’t wait to see who will hold my hand this time.

Happy holidays everyone. Thank you for coming with us, and thank you for participating in the daily action.

Peace, Gabriel

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Just leaving a message here since I
know you will see it to say “Merry
Christmas” from our home to yours..
we are so very proud of Gabriel and
Stacey for all the work they are
doing to open people’s eyes to the
horror happening “yet again” while
the world watches! I know how much
we each miss having them with us today but I also know, from all
Stacey has told us, that you, like
us, know they are exactly where
they were destined to be in this
time and space!!

Blessings in the New Year… may
all the families, everywhere, find
peace, respect and the freedom to
raise their children without fear
in the “home” of their choice.

We’ll travel together with Gabriel
and Stacey on this journey and be
strong for them as they are being
for so many!

In Solidarity and with love,
Tony, Karen and Christopher Martino


Christmas blessings from our family in San Antonio, Texas!

We greatly admire your devotion to those suffering in Sudan. The people of Darfur and you and Stacey are all in our prayers. Do not lose faith. God is with you. Your efforts count immensely in this push for peace. Thank you for bringing the stories of these refugees directly to us . . . keep spreading the word until enough of us take the actions necessary to end their suffering.

We pray for the progress you seek and peace for the new year.


Lisa Goldner and family

Gabe,lo que me conmovio el dia de hoy aparte de lo hermoso que son los ninos,es el hecho de que el papa de la familia en base a su realidad no se siente con el derecho en pensar en un manana para sus hijos, su apuro es el hoy,darles de comer y mantenerlos sanos,que triste que no puedas anhelar un futuro porque tu presente es tan desesperante.Ellos son unos heroes,los papas y mamas que a toda costa quieren sacar adelante a sus hijos.Cuidense,Amor y paz,Connie

Hi Gabe,
First a word of thanks and best wishes to the MARTINO FAMILY for their thoughtful words above on behalf of all the Stauring’s. We of course are also very proud of Stacey and Gabriel.

Today was very moving and I think even more meaningful on Christmas day. To watch the strong family nest and listen to the concerns of a father that hopes for something as basic as education for his children which sometimes we take for granted. Today you and Stacey gave them the gift of “hope” and by continuing to raise awareness and demanding action from those that have the power to bring change to their situation, we have hope that the day will come when these families will be able to return to thier homeland of DARFUR and live the family life that they are entitled to.

Dear Gabriel and Stacey,

Thank you so much for bringing home what the true meaning of Christmas is all about…LOVE.

Keep up the good work and stay safe.


P.S.: “Max” told me to tell you that he is so proud of you…

Dear Gabriel.
Wishing you and Stacey a wonderful Christmas. You are both bringing gifts from the hearts of many to the people of Darfur. Thank you. Iwish you and both your families a wonderful Christmas.
Mimi Schiff

Happy Holidays, Gabriel and Stacey!
We drove up I5, a lovely, divided highway through the brown hills and the green fields and the vineyards and citrus groves, and the pistachio ranches that we ALWAYS take for granted on our way up. Thank you for reminding us to be grateful for our agricultural bounty, when we compare our journey to your bumpy and risky way across desert roads.

We’re also all together for the holidays, both my parents, my two sisters and all our children. So again, thank you for reminding me that not everybody has the luxury of being with family in a warm, heated home full of food and drink.

Thank you for the simple but somehow miraculous story of the bracelet and the night dome of stars.

I’m also sure the people of Darfur would be simply incredulous that we go to a gym to expend excess calories!

Stay safe, Phyllis

Gabriel, thank you to your family for allowing you to make this trip. I’m sure it must be hard to be away from your children over the holidays. What a great gift you’re giving to those children in Darfur by your presence. Blessings to you and yours.

Hey Gabriel,
I just wanted to say that I am very proud of you and Stacey for helping out families in Darfur. You both are strong individuals with open hearts, and I am so glad to know that you are both helping out the communities in Darfur. May you spread the hopes of the new year all around the world. Thank you both for all that you have done. I support you all the way!
-Talia T.

Querido hijito,
Gracias a Dios tuvieron un buen dia de Christmas. Es triste que las personas de los campamentos no la pasen ni humanamente aceptable. Esperemos que alguien viendo estos videos pueda hacer algo por ellos y vivan con dignidad. Que la pasen lo mejor posible.
Con mi amor para todos

To you both,

I can see that this is a big sacrifice. Thank you for being out there with the people of Darfur even during Christmas. I hope you both had happy holidays. Remember even though you didn’t spend time with your genetic family, all men are brothers. Stay safe.

Justin A.

Dear Stacey and Gabriel,
It’s now January 2nd, but I would like to say Merry Christmas regardless. The sacrifices you two have made will go a long ways, no doubt. These videos are really opening up my eyes and I’m inspired to start taking action..Thanks

I am just leaving a message to let you know that what you are doing is being recognized everywhere.At my school(Pali. high) the human’s rights watch club is keeping everyone updated on your movement for peace. Hope you are successful in your journey and let the new year open new doors of opportunity for you and your cuase.

Dear Gabriel

Just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS

I am really happy that you made it to Chad safely

Peace and Love


Hi Gabriel and Stacey,

thx for everything you guys did. thank you to your family for allowing you to make this trip. I accede that the children’s food should be more acceptable and healthier.


Dear Gabriel and Stacey,

It was very sweet of you to visit different families. It really is the perfect christmas gift; spending time with the children and people of Darfur at this moment in time is truly an unforgettable experience.

-Yasmin A.


Happy holidays to you and Stacy. I hope you are staying safe. My family is very proud of you. I have told my family about what your doing for the people of Darfur and they were amazed. My dad didn’t even really know what was going on over there till I told him about it. Also in English class our substitute teacher asked us if we knew what was going on in Darfur and I was the only one who raised my hand. It shows that we all have to take more action in spreading the word of the genocide going on there. My art teacher is very dedicated to spreading the word and has influenced many students to speak out and help your cause. I wish you the best of luck.

Dear Gabriel,

It’s very un selfish of you to sacrifice time with your friends, family and loved ones to be in a place to help those that need you and Stacey, it must be difficult for you, hang in there


Once again I can’t stress how important it is what you’re doing. You are so couragous to experience what all the emotion and sadness that is around you. It is great that you bring this emotion back to America through your videos.


happy holidays to you,stacey and all the beautiful people who are out there with you. im proud of you and will continue to follow your jorney.
May you guys find many blessings in this new year and the people of darfur, find peace,protecton and their homes.

thank you gabriel and stacey for taking some of your time to show us how the genocide in sudan has affected many of these kids living conditions and showing us how we can help more

thank you gabriel and stacey for taking your time to show us how the genocide in sudan has affected many of these kids living conditons and also letting us know that they need more help P.4 WC

Dear Gabriel,
Merry Christmas! I greatly admire your dedication to support the people who are suffering at the camp and those who miss their famillies at Sudan. It is sad that the father can not recieve sufficient food for his family. I especially like the part at the end when the kids yelled peace, or salam. Thank you for brining joy to the kids at the camp.

Have joyful times,

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