Day 3: June 12, 2008


Frustrated, but a sugar-free Red Bull would sure help me feel better. I did not get around to writing a journal for Day 2, so I’ll include some thoughts from yesterday in this one for Day 3. I think that the word that comes up the most yesterday from all of our team is “frustration” […]

Day 3: July 12, 2007

Gabriel’s Responses to Day 3 Comments

Replies to Gina, Gayle, Tere and Zahara.

Day 2: July 11, 2007

Gabriel’s Journal

N’Djamena, 3:20am (N’D Time) It’s too late to sleep now, so I’ll write. We need to be at the airport before 6am, and there’s still packing to do. We have to figure out what is essential and what can stay, if it needs to. They have a weight limit that is considerably less than Air […]