i-ACT 3: July 10 - 20, 2007

Thank You friends in Chad

We are now sitting in the calm of our hotel in N’Djamena. These ten days of i-ACT were so full of experiences and emotions. It is not easy to digest it all. On the physical side, it was exhausting, our marathon of traveling, visiting, editing, writing, and all the rest. In my spirit, though, I feel more committed to doing better in standing with the people of Darfur and working with them in bringing protection and peace to their land.

I have to thank so many people that helped us out here on the ground, and I’m afraid to leave anyone out.

As with last i-ACT, our friend Ali took care of us and was our voice and ears in so many places.

In N’Djamena, even before we got out here, Ann and Djerassem are always wonderful in helping us prepare for our trip. When out here, it is always a pleasure to see them, and Ann gives a great interview!

In Abeche, Victorien is amazing at facilitating our passing through and making it to the camps. Our driver, Ali #2, was a great hand behind the wheel, and we enjoyed his company.

The good people at Camp 1 gave us a home for the first week, so that we were able to put up the first days of i-ACT from the camps.

What can I say about Camp 2. Hala and Jorge made us feel at home and as family. They are both clearly dedicated to helping the refugees also feel at home, but they are also aware of the need to return them home as soon as there is peace and security. I truly admire Hala and Jorge’s ability to maintain their hearts open, even when exposed on a daily basis to an immense crisis.

Thank you to the pilots! Whether you are from Alaska or South Africa or some other country, you come out to Eastern Chad and do an incredible job moving people where they are needed.

Thank you, also, to all of the other people for whom I do not have a name. All the guards and cooks and drivers and friendly faces that we came in contact with during our journey.

We will stay in touch with all of you, and we wish you the very best, personally and professionally.

Gabriel, Consuelo, and Yuen Lin

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And thank you, Gabriel, Connie, and Yuen Lin, for your terrific work!

I hope the Democratic presidential debates yesterday drove home the fact that you are really doing a lot for the Darfur movement and the people of Sudan! Kudos,

Best, N

hi to all my friends..

am new to here.. am from chad… wish to have some good friends from here..

am basically an Indian..

please feel free to touch with me..


urs friend..


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