Actions Day 1: June 10, 2008

Action: Lend your voice

After five years, the targeted and calculated violence towards innocent civilians in Darfur not only continues, but is worsening as you watch Stop Genocide Now and i-ACT field team members return to refugee camps in Eastern Chad for the fifth time. Our friends who made the treacherous journey across the border and to a refugee camp need your help. The thousands who are stranded at the border, at a time when Chad is no longer accepting new refugees, need your voice. And the more than 3 million Darfuris inside Sudan, who are at risk every day of death and destruction, need your protection.

Please take action today:

  1. Tell 5 Friends (or more!) about i-ACT: Send them to our website and a story of one of our friends.
  2. Join the 100 Day Fast for Darfur that began on April 7th, the day of the Rwanda genocide and continues until July 15th. Each dollar donated to WFP will be matched.
  3. This coming weekend, bring the faces and stories of our friends to your place of worship. Say a prayer for Darfur, and make a commitment to actively end the violence.

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