Day 1: Jan 19, 2008

TIA, This is Africa

I loved the movie Blood Diamond for so many reasons. It was conspiracy based, incredibly informative and exciting. Plus it had Leo in it, what’s not to Love. The catch phrase from the movie was TIA, This is Africa. Which after 24 hours in Chad, I can’t say I have been involved in any international […]

Before i-ACT

Sunrise on the River Cheri

Feeling the gentle light of the early morning dawn, I lie still in that half way place between dream and wake as I vaguely remember dreaming all night that someone must have a pet monkey in the next room. Then as I slowly gain consciousness, I hear clicking noises out the window and realize the […]

Issue 1: Sept 2007

Darfur in the news: peacekeepers killed and kidnapped.

As the world waits for the 26,000 hybrid force to pull together their troops, supplies, and money for a UN-Africa Union peacekeeping mission, we see the situation in Darfur worsening. Rebel leaders have attacked a base, killing soldiers and looting their base. Today 40 soldiers are still missing. Senegal is now threatening to pull out […]

Day 7: July 16, 2007

Connie Journal

Goodbye. When I first came to this camp, I never had any idea that I would dread this day. These past few days have been grueling; little or no sleep, less food, extreme heat, the conditions here at our camp are elementary: we fetch our water and bathe with a bucket, no running water, the […]

Day 2: July 11, 2007

More of Connie’s Responses to Day 2 Comments

Connie replies to Zaharita, her mom, Kristen and Lisa.

Day 1: July 10, 2007


I woke up today and it was overcast. I was glad because we were expecting sunny hot days, and it turned out to be nice as far as weather goes. This was the perfect set up (the gloomy overcast) to the to feeling I experienced going about our errands. We took a taxi and along […]

Day 5: Dec 25, 2006

Day 5 from Gabriel

blog, 12/25/06 2:35am Eastern Chad Dear friends, familia: Nights in Eastern Chad seem very peaceful. The black dome of stars almost seems like a protective cocoon. It is so dark here, and the sky is so full of stars! It’s hard to believe that these heavens, on both sides of the border, have been witnessing […]

Day 5: Nov 25, 2005

Dark Sky

What a sky! There’s no electricity flowing here nor at any point in our 360 degree horizon right now. The moon is also absent. This leaves us with a sky that is perfect for star-watching. I had forgotten there are this many stars, especially now that we do not have Carl Segan to remind us […]


E and Dr. F Making it Happen!

E and Dr. F came to meet us at the hotel lobby bar. We had to check out and were enjoying a cold and expensive coke (there are no diet cokes around! Oh well. I will survive, while drinking more sugar than I have in ages.) The two Indian gentlemen, with a warm smile on […]